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Monday, March 25, 2013

Hard Candy-Bitty Blue, Crush On Lava, Black Tie Optional

I am pretty excited to show you my first review for Hard Candy!  Hard Candy just released 45 new polishes that you can find at Walmart.  They sent me six of them to review, and since I had never worn a Hard Candy polish before, I was curious and excited!  Tonight, I will show you my favorites of the six I received...
First up, I have Bitty Blue.  Bitty Blue is part of the Crushed Chromes Collection of which there are nine in total.  Bitty Blue is a vivid blue metallic that is stunning on the nail and only needed two coats.
I had no issues with application and I love the metallic finish of it!  The bottle shows a touch of lavender which I did not see on my nail.
Next, I have a gorgeous duochrome called Crush On Lava which is also part of the Crushed Chromes Collection.  Crush On Lava also has that metallic sheen, but is a deep rose color with a copper or gold shift that is very obvious on the nail.
I used three coats on my nail and had no issues with application!  I love the look of this one!

The last one for tonight happens to be my favorite of the six!  Part of the Chrystal Confetti Collection, which consists of all glitter toppers, Black Tie Optional is a brilliantly done black and white glitter in a clear base.
I only needed one coat over Bitty Blue and the glitter came out plentifully. I had zero issues with using the glitters.  The mix of both large and small hexes and some tiny hairy glitters was perfect. It is good to see name brand companies like Hard Candy doing something out of the ordinary and doing it well.

I also put Black Tie Optional over Crush On Lava.  If you're not used to glitters, then you can see the versatility of a black and white only glitter topper. It will look good over anything!
Being that my blog is about 90% indie brands, I am no stranger to black and white indie glitters.  After having worn Black Tie Optional, I can say that it easily stands up to the well-made black and white glitters I have seen done by well-known indie brands! 
Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

Hard Candy Polishes retail for $3.97 at Wal-mart and  
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*these polishes were sent for review. All opinions are my own*


Jennifer Tesauro said...

I really like Bitty Blue and Black Tie Optional over it looks amazing!

Geli_Beli said...

Ugh! So pretty! I love your swatches! I've been stalking the aisle of my WalMart for weeks waiting for these but they still don't have them! (As of last Friday) I'll be checking again tomorrow afternoon but I'm losing hope! Those Crushed Chromes!!! I NEED!

Sui Ling Kwong said...

Bitty Blue is so pretty! and I love that mainstream brands are doing glitters like Black Tie Optional :) Great swatches!

Jessica Jean said...

im also wearing black tie optional! i love it

Daisy said...


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Debbie Spence said...

I saw these at Walmart, but just spent a ton on polish recently...have to resist for a while longer I think, but lovely swatches!

Michelle Rouhier said...

Thanks for all the comments! I love Bitty Blue and Black Tie Optional as well! They were actually my favorites!