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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Liquidus Nails Gloss Spring 2013 Collection

Tonight, I have Liquidus Nail Gloss' Spring 2013 Collection to show you!  What?  You've never heard of Liquidus?  That is because she has been flying under the radar unnoticed.  But let me tell you, she deserves some attention!  While most indies are doing glitter bombs, and glitter jellies, Danielle has focused on straight polish.  
Spring 2013 Collection
Liquidus Nail Gloss is made by Danielle, who lives in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. A passion for Geology runs in her family and she has translated that passion into polish.  Each polish is inspired and named after rocks, gems, and minerals.  She has 100% biodegradable materials-including the outer shipping envelope!  Now, on to the polishes!
Liquidus's description: Moonstone is inspired by the iridescent blueish gemstone Moonstone. This sheer polish is full of light blue and purple hues which changes slightly in the sun and also has a touch of holographic micro glitter.
I used three thin coats for Moonstone.  I had no issues with application.  The definition is spot on!
Amethyst is inspired by the vibrant purple hues of the mineral, Amethyst.  This polish is a soft purple with a tinge of pink and gold shimmer.
I used three coats and the formula is on the thinner side, but easy to use.  I had no issues and I have to say that this is my favorite of the bunch!  I did see the pink tinge, but the gold shimmer escaped me.
Pearl is inspired by the white mineral a mollusc makes within its own shell, a pearl.  This polish is mostly matte white with a hint of iridescent shimmer.
Pearl went on streaky for me.  I used 2-3 coats and the finish was more of a satin, rather than a matte.  I loved that about it actually!  It gives it a much classier look than matte would have.
Silver is inspired by the very shiny and gorgeous precious metal, silver.  This polish is packed full of fine shimmer and glitter with a base of rich gray.  
Silver went on easily in two coats. It was thicker and more opaque than the others and even easier to apply than the others!  I failed to capture the holographic sparkle in this polish, but my macro shot somewhat does the job.
Stichtite is inspired by lime greens and purple flecks found in the mineral, stichtite.  This polish is lime green jelly with purple and white glitters.
I used three coats of Stichtite on its own.  It was almost opaque, but there was still a touch of VNL.  I recommend using a base coat if this bothers you.  The glitters came out evenly and spread well-as you can see!  I love the mix of green with purple; that is always a weakness for me!
Macro shot!
If you liked these polishes from Liquidus, you can buy them HERE.  USE CODE TILATM10off for 10% off your order!  This offer is good until March 11!  Full sized bottles are $9. Minis are $6.

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A Girl and Her Polish said...

I am loving Pearl and Stichtite! Stunning!