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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mod Lacquer Dreamland, Purple Prose,Cielo Azul

Let's talk about brand spanking new indie brands.... Generally, it seems new indie brands are just learning the ropes of making polishes and running a business when they open.  Once they start rolling, they start to really build up steam, getting better as they go along.  It always amazes me when a brand new indie brand comes out of the gate already at a pace set by established indie makers!  Mod Lacquer is one of those new indie brands.
I have already reviewed three of her polishes (click HERE) and they did nothing short of amaze me!  Tonight, I bring you three more Mod Lacquer polishes that did the very same thing!
Let me go over application, as it was the same for all three-TRULY FLAWLESS.  Now, there are times when I say application was easy.  That means it gave me no issues and applied superbly.  BUT when I say it applied flawlessly, I mean it went above the norm of easy and practically applied itself!  The polish does the work for you!  So when I say flawless, that's what I mean!  The other thing all three did was to dry super fast!
Dreamland is a scattered holo lavender crelly.  I love that this lavender is bright, therefore it looks good on my olive brown skin tone.

 In the sun, you can see the scattered holo!  I used two coats for opacity.
 Money shot!
 Macro shot!
 Purple Prose is a duochrome that doesn't need undies! It's main color is purple, and then goes to dark blue like most duochromes with these colors.
 I used three coats for opacity.
 I thought you might want to see what Purple Prose looks like outside in the morning on a cloudy day.  It changes rather drastically!
 Macro shot shows all the deliciousness!
So, I have shown you a holo crelly, a duochrome, and now I will show you a jelly glitter!  This just shows the wide range that Mod Lacquer has!  Here is Cielo Azul.  It is a light grey-leaning blue base with multi-colored matte glitters in it of varying sizes.  I saw orange, teal, yellow, white and pink.
Now, I know I said it already, but let me be clear...FLAWLESS application on this jelly glitter as well! It was like putting on a cream; I didn't even have to think about any glitters and where they would go. It applied itself!  These polishes do the work for you!
Close up shot!
Macro shot!
Here's a look at her cute bottles with their new labels! These labels have jumped to my favorite labels ever!
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You can buy from her Etsy shop HERE.  Mod Lacquer's polishes retail for $9.50
*these polishes were sent for my honest review*

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Colorsplashnails said...

These are gorgeous, Michelle! I agree 100%~Mod Lacquer is definitely a top notch line. I love the new bottle labels, too. =)