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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nerd Lacquer The Quantum Bluniverse

Nerd Lacquer is BACK.  In December of 2011, I bought my first Nerd Lacquers.  I swapped a few and kept a couple, but when she announced that she was coming back, I knew I wanted to try more.  I bought three at the last restock and The Quantum Bluniverse is one that I kept going back and forth on.  
After having it on my hands for two days, I am so grateful that I bought it!  It has become my favorite NL so far!
 According to Amanda's description, The Quantum Bluniverse is a deep cobalt with gold shimmer plus royal blue and gold glitter. 
 I used two coats and application was flawless. The glitter spread out very well and covered every part of my nail.  It was a dream to work with and I only needed one coat of top coat to finish it off.
 I was blown away by the amount of gold shimmer in the polish and the complexity of The Quantum Bluniverse as a whole!  Every angle showed a different side to the polish and I did not want to take it off!
Here is a macro that shows everything that is in the polish.
I am in love with this polish and the quality of the product.  I am excited to try the other two I bought and wish Nerd Lacquer great success in the future.
Nerd Lacquer is sold on her website at  All polishes retail for $10, while her  holo polishes are $16.
You can also find Nerd Lacquer at Ninja Polish and Harlow and Co.  Look for exclusive Nerd Lacquer's at both e-tailers!
These sell out fast!  For information on restocks, follow Nerd Lacquer on Google+.  Also, stay up to date on restocks by following Ninja Polish and Harlow and Co on Facebook!


Kas said...

What a beauty! I'm excited for my first Nerd Laquers to arrive any day now!

shine eye said...

i love nl, and this one is one of the prettiest!