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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ninja Polish Divinity, Girly Bits Shift Happens, Max Factor Fantasy Fire-Dupes or Not?

Truth be told, I have a lot of swatching and posting to do, but I really wanted to put Ninja Polish Divinity back on my nails.  Then I got to thinking about a blog post I read comparing it to Max Factor Fantasy Fire and Clarins 230 which surprised me.  Then I remembered that I also had Girly Bits Shift Happens which is supposed to be a dupe for Fantasy Fire.  Alas, I don't have Clarins, but I have the others.  So, prepare for an in depth look at these three polishes!
(Before I begin, I want to apologize profusely for the typos in some of the pics. I would change them, but these pics took forever to edit the first time around. )
 First,  let's look at all three polishes on their own with no base coat.
 Girly Bits Shift Happens is too transluscent to be worn on its own and was made specifically as a topper.  You can barely see the shimmer and duochrome qualities on their own.  It needs a base color.
Max Factor Fantasy Fire has a purple base and even with three coats was still see through; but with additional coats could be made opaque.
Ninja Polish Divinity is made to be worn on its own as you can see in the picture.
Here, I have all three polishes over black and then Divinity on its own with three coats.
Here is what I noticed: Girly Bits and Max Factor are the closest to being dupes. GBSH has a tad bit more of the color shifting properties than MFFF.  It also applies better, the polish bottle is larger, and the brush is WAY better.  MFFF's brush dragged and was very stiff and hard to use. Divinity over black has some of the same qualities as the other two, but is more opaque.  It also loses some of its own color-shifting abilities when not worn on its own!  Check it out over black and by itself!  The red/purple is much more obvious AND you still get the copper/orange/yellow/green shift at other angles.
For fun, I also put the three polishes over Cult Nails Time Traveler.  You can see a lot better in this picture that GBSH is much more obvious in its color shifting than MFFF.  A base color for Divinity does nothing for it and is unnecessary.  If you compare Divinity over CNTT and on its own, you can see what I mean.
To sum it up:  GBSH is a fantastic dupe of MFFF and better than it in my opinion.  Both of these polishes need to be worn over a base coat to be seen.  GBSH has a more obvious color shift and is better made and the brush is much higher in quality than MFFF's.  Divinity is not a dupe of either of these polishes and isn't even in the running.  It is made to be worn on its own, and while GBSH and MFFF has color shifts from gold to yellow to copper to green; Divinity ALSO shifts from red to purple.  The base of Divinity is also denser and you can not "see through" the color shifting.
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Andrea said...

Yes! This is awesome! And scientific! I love comparisons, but they're even better if they're over the same coat and other colors and have angles involved. Very pretty swatches :)

Ashley Haddock said...

Great post RooYay!

Girly Bits said...

Love this comparison, thank you.
And I have Divinity on the way and I am SO excited to get it!!

Rhonni A. said...

I love this comparison, thank you!!!!

Jin Jit said...

WOW!! Amazing post and amazing pictures!!!

Donna Smith said...

I love your swatches. I have been considering whether to try to find Fantasy Fire or buy Shift Happens.....then I saw where someone compared Divinity to them. Then I was at a complete loss as to what to do. I now see that I MUST have Divinity AND Shift Happens as there are not the same, but both beautiful!!! Thanks for your help!