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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ninja Polish-Divinity

I am a sucker for a good duochrome.  What I really love is a duochrome that doesn't need undies for it. What is even better is when it only needs two coats.  What makes it fan-freakin-tastic is when it has more than two color shifts.  When it has all of that and more, it has got to be one of the best polishes I have ever worn!  I think I may have just fallen in love with a bottle of polish. 
Ninja Polish Divinity is all of the above!  I just had to start this out with the best picture I took!  It captures ALMOST every color that is in Divinity.
 Prepare yourselves for some picture spam.  Divinity is so complex and has so many colors in it, that I had to make sure you saw it all!  I know you can see the green, yellow, orange, bronze, red, and the purple tip!

 At an extreme angle, you can see the green, and the purple tip is more accentuated.
 So, you already know it took only two coats on its own!  Divinity applied super smoothly and was really just flawless. The wide flat brush made it a breeze and allowed me to get a really nice clean edge around the cuticle.
 In certain lights, Divinity is red with purple around the outer edges. There is also a glowing shimmer of red within the polish that also changes in different lighting!
 AS you move your nails, you start to see the bronze and orange.

 At an extreme angle, you can see the forest green with the ever present purple on the tips!  LOVE!
 At a different angle, the once red shimmer turns bronze!

 Remember the macro shots at the beginning?  This color wasn't even in there!
 The color shifts are obvious at all times. Unlike many duo chromes that show one color most of the time and then other colors at extreme angles, Divinity never stays the same color.
 Here is yet another color shift!  This bronze-gold-red is in the sunlight!
 And you can see again that the shimmer really does shift colors along with the base!  *Drool*
I am deeply in love with this polish, and foresee this polish being in a lot of blogger's Polish of the Year for 2013!  If Ninja Polish keeps them coming like this, we all are in for some amazing and groundbreaking polishes!
Divinity is out of stock at the moment, but you can go to the Ninja Polish website and sign up for email notifications for when it gets restocked.


papercranesx said...

Gorgeous. If I had this, I'll be entertained by my nails the whole day...

Kelly @ Nails for the Sake of Sanity said...

Whatttt! It looks like several different polishes! Gorgeous color shifts :)

Debbie Crumpet said...

fab photos, I really struggled to cpature the green :( xx

Michelle Rouhier said...

Thank you! I have already worn it twice! It is shocking to me that it looks so completely different at different angles!