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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pretty Jelly-Holo Heaven!

Happy Easter, everyone!  Today, I want to show you three very pretty holo polishes made by Pretty Jelly.  She specializes in holo polishes and has quite a few others in her shop as well!
All three polishes had the same application-two easy coats and no issues to report at all.  
Cat's Eye is a medium green linear holo.   It is perfect for spring!  Cat's Eye is a Limited Edition, so get it before it goes away!
The next two polishes are from the Glamorous Thief Collection.  Grape Escape is a gorgeous plum purple linear holo.  This one was my favorite as I have a weak spot for anything purple.   According to Liz, " also has sparkly pigments that give it extra sparkle in addition to the holographic prisms."  
In a time when all the indies are busting out holo polishes, these are well worth looking at!  They have no issues that some holo polishes have-streaking and dragging.  All of these go on incredibly easy in two coats.  Grape Escape was closest to being a one coater.
Diamond S-teal-er  is a teal linear holo polish.  It also contains the sparkly pigments in addition to the holo particles.  It definitely gives these polishes something extra!  I can't say enough about the beauty in these holos!  These are definitely must have's!

Pretty Jelly polishes retail for $10 each.  Mini's are available for $4.25.
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*these polishes were sent for an honest review*

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Jin Jit said...

These are gorgeous and look wonderful on you!!! And I am so happy I have them or else I would go wahhhhhh!! LOL