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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Seven Days of Maya Cosmetics: Day 2-Glitter Jellies, Part 1

Day 2 of the Seven Days of Maya Cosmetics!  Today, we are looking at part one of glitter jellies. Or glitter creams.  I think they are a bit of both actually!
Paramour is a soft pink base with pink hexes and matte black hexes and bars.  
Maya Cosmetics Paramour
I used 2-3 coats for opacity and application was flawless. All glitters came out easily and laid flat on the nail. I used two coats of top coat to smooth it out.  I normally don't like soft colors like this, but I loved Paramour so much that I kept it on for my manicure!
Maya Cosmetics
This macro shot shows you everything in Paramour.
Maya Cosmetics
Cupcake Violent is a beautiful spring color!  The base is a soft violet with holo shimmer!  I tried my best to capture the holo and you can see it if you zoom in.  Cupcake Violent has silver and lavender hex glitters as well.
Maya Cosmetics
I used two coats and application was flawless on this one as well.  The formula was actually quite buttery on this one-a dream to apply!
Maya Cosmetics
You get a glimpse of the holo in Cupcake Violent in my macro shot.
Maya Cosmetics
 I believe this next one will be the big seller of the bunch!  Fat Monday is a purple jelly with a myriad of colorful glitters!  It looks like a nod to Mardi Gras... Among the colors are black, blue, pink, and gold.  If you look really close, you will also see tiny, hairy glitter! I love those because they almost look like a shimmer!
Maya Cosmetics
I used three coats of Fat Monday. You can get opacity in two coats, but I really got the depth and true color of the purple with three.  Application was great. The glitters laid flat and I really had no issues!  This is top coat hungry, so use a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite afterwards!
Maya Cosmetics
Macro shot gives you the full details of Fat Monday!
Maya Cosmetics
 For fun, I layered Fat Monday over an oldie of Maya Cosmetics-Last Call.  If you don't have Last Call, you need to check that one out!  It is a deep purple with purple shimmer!
Maya Cosmetics
 What did you think?  I have a hard time choosing a favorite of these three!  I loved them all!
Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 3-Glitter Jellies, part 2.
These new polishes will be in Maya Cosmetics shop March 7th.  They retail for $9.50 each.
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*this product was provided to review.  All opinions are my own*

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Jennifer Tesauro said...

ooooh Cupcake Violent and Fat Monday! So pretty! Especially FM - it's so glossy and squishy! I'm a sucker for jelly.