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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seven Days of Maya Cosmetics: DAY 3-Glitter Jellies, Part 2.

Day 3!!!  Today, I get to show you more glitter jellies/creams!  First, let me tell you about the updated look of Maya Cosmetics' bottles!  As I already told you in Day 1's post, each bottle will now have a label that has the polish name and a cute picture depicting the name.  In addition to that, each bottle will have an ingredients list attached to the top like in this picture.  All of Maya Cosmetics' information will  also be on it.
Since I showed you a bottle shot of Imagine, I will get to the swatches as well!  Imagine is a white jelly polish with a sea of lavender, yellow, pink, and white glitter.  There is also an iridescent shimmer in it! This is absolutely perfect for Easter!
Maya Cosmetics
 I used three coats of Imagine and it was bordering on the thick side.  I had to be a little careful putting the third coat on, but I got there and also put a coat of Maya's glitter top coat and a coat of Seche Vite.  The glitters laid nice and flat and came out evenly.  It was like glass afterwards!
Maya Cosmetics
 If you are a fan of white glitter jellies, then this is a must have!  Here is my macro shot. There may even be pastel green in it as well!
Maya Cosmetics
Daydreaming is a sky blue cream with lavender, pink, and blue small hexes.  It is the perfect spring polish!  There is just enough glitter that comes out so as to not overpower the polish!  
Maya Cosmetics
 I used two coats and application was flawless.  Formula was great and the glitters spread evenly.
Maya Cosmetics
 Macro shot shows the glitter close up!
Maya Cosmetics
 When I saw Robin, I wondered why Kat chose to do two polishes so close in color to each other.  Once I put Robin on, I realized they were not the same!  While Daydreaming is a sky blue, Robin is a gray-leaning blue cream.  There are flecks of grey and blue in the polish and it certainly reminded me of a robin's egg on my nails!  This polish is so very me!  I just love the addition of the grey flecks!
Maya Cosmetics
 Once again, application and formula was flawless, although there is some settling of the flakes.  Make sure you give it a good shake before using. This one was quite easy to work with and I only needed two easy coats.
Maya Cosmetics
 This macro of Robin shows the beautiful flecks!
Maya Cosmetics
My favorite of these three was Robin. I loved the ease of application and the grey lean of the blue. The flecks also made it super unique!
Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 4-Glitters.  Check out my blog for Day 1 and Day 2!
These new polishes will be in Maya Cosmetics shop March 7th.  They retail for $9.50 each.
You can Like Maya Cosmetics on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter!  
You can also read her blog for more in depth information on the polishes and to see her own swatches. 
*this product was provided to review.  All opinions are my own*


Kelly @ Nails for the Sake of Sanity said...

Oh my gosh, Imagine is just wonderful! I need it in my life!

Sara Nail said...

Imagine is so nice.
I want it!