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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Seven Days of Maya Cosmetics: Day 6-Bright Shimmers

Today is the Day Six of Seven Days of Maya Cosmetics and the last of the new polishes!  Tomorrow I will have a recap of all twenty-one polishes in one post where it is easy to find!
Day Six brings us to my favorites of the collection-Bright Shimmers!
This first one has a story behind it. Maya Cosmetics made what was supposed to be customs for Cosmetic Sanctuary and Set In Lacquer's giveaway.  (I showed you the custom for Set in Lacquer yesterday...)  She loved them so much, she asked if they could be permanent in her shop!  Cosmetic Sanctuary's custom is called Sanctuary.  Sanctuary is a robin's egg blue with a blue shimmer!  It is truly beautiful and I was so intent on capturing the shimmer of this one, that I included an extra picture.
 I used two coats and it was very fast drying. I had no issues with application and it applied great!  Here you can see the shimmer better.  Check out the label too!  It has Cosmetic Sanctuary on it!

 The macro shows the shimmer a bit as well.
 Next, I have Parrot Trooper.  Parrot Trooper is an orange-leaning coral with iridescent flakes.  Now capturing the true color was near impossible, but this one was taken outside in my light box.  It is not nearly this bright.
 I used three coats for opacity and had no issues with application.  I don't know what Kat put in her shimmer polishes this time around, but they are all fast-drying!  This picture was taken outside in the shade, but it is darker than this picture shows it.
 The macro actually shows Parrot Trooper true to color. You can also see the shimmer in it!
Reef is my favorite out of the entire twenty one new polishes!   Reef is a blue-green base with loads of gold shimmer in it.
 I used 2-3 coats for opacity and it applied flawlessly.  The only issue is that the shimmer sinks to the bottom, so you need to turn it upside down for a minute.
 Here is a closer look at the gold shimmer!
 The last one from Maya is called Blue Flavor.  Blue Flavor happens to be my 2nd favorite out of the entire collection!   It is a blurple jelly with pink and blue shimmer in it.
 It had flawless application and applied like a dream.  I only needed two coats for opacity.
 Here is the shimmer!
Well, if you hung in there for all six posts, then kudos to you!  I appreciate it more than you know!
Stay tuned tomorrow for Day Seven, when I round up all twenty-one of Maya Cosmetics' new polishes!
These new polishes are in Maya Cosmetics NOW!  They retail for $9.50 each.
You can Like Maya Cosmetics on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter!  
You can also read her blog for more in depth information on the polishes and to see her own swatches. 
*this product was provided to review.  All opinions are my own*

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