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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sparkles by Julie-Look what we missed!

Sparkles by Julie asked me to review a few of her polishes for her "Going Out of Business" sale, and so I agreed.  However, as soon as she announced it, she sold out of everything she had!  I still told her I would give her a review and swatch pictures though. When I saw the bottles and tried on the polishes, I was truly bummed.  These polishes are all beautiful and worthy of buying!!  Nonetheless, if you can get your hands on these through swaps or sales, I urge you to take that plunge!

Sparkles by Julie-True Blue.  True Blue is a deep blue-green polish with a scattered holo. It went on flawlessly in two coats and just held me riveted to my chair when I stared at it! 
In artificial light, it has a more green hue. This went immediately into my" keep forever" pile!
Macro shot shows the holo, but they are not lit up.
Sparkles by Julie-Nebula is a pink leaning coral with scattered holo.  I get a little scared of corals for some reason, but when I do venture to dip my toe in that water, I love the pink leaning corals!  They seem a bit safer to me.
Nebula only needed two coats, and had easy application.  And here is where I start kicking myself for not buying Sparkles by Julie a bit sooner!
Macro shot!
Sparkles by Julie-Black Pearl has all the qualities of a duo chrome, but the color change is there all the time!  This blackened polish is a combination of purple and blue.
This one was a little thicker in the base and needed three coats, but was nothing to cry home to mom about.
Check out the details!
Sparkles by Julie is no longer in business; however, I will post a link to her shop in the event that she changes her mind in the future. :)
*these polishes were provided for swatching purposes*

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