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Friday, March 1, 2013

Wishful Bath and Beauty-Violet Sweet and Midnight In Your Shortest Skirt

So, I received a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) from my friend, Cas, owner of Wishful Bath and Beauty.  I had been having a rough time, and she wanted to cheer me up with polish.  Cheer me up she did!  She sent me a new polish from her shop and an older polish...
This new polish is called Violent Sweet.  IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!  
First of all magenta is one of my favorite colors ever!  A purple-leaning, shocking dark pink will get me every time.  Violet Sweet is a jelly base and took three coats to cover.  I had no issues with the polish whatsoever. It is pretty darned opaque and what really took my breath away is the violet iridescence!  It just glows!  It is so obvious in all lighting and at all tines, that I would even call it a duochrome.
I wore this for two days, and was super sad that I had to take it off. I kept holding my hands to my face to just stare at it.
Close up!
The older one Cas sent me is called Midnight In Your Shortest Skirt.  Love the name!  I had a harder time capturing this one.  While the base looks straight black, it is actually a blackened plum base with a violet shimmer.  (You can see that in the macro.)
There are hairy holo glitters in it as well.  I used two coats to make it opaque and I had no issues again. It went on easily and the glitters laid flat and spread well.
I used a coat of Seche Vite to smooth it out.
Macro shot!  Here you can see the violet shimmer in the base!
TO SHOP: Wishful Bath and Beauty
To visit her Facebook page: Wishful Bath and Beauty on Facebook.   You can also find a tab to her shop here too!

* these polishes were sent as a gift.  The decision to blog about them was my own. All opinions are my own.*


Nail Polish Anon said...

Midnight in your shortest skirt is seriously amazing! I can't believe how gorgeous the fuchsia shimmer/glitter is and those holo bars are so darn sparkly

Bénédicte said...

Great swatches!!!! They are gorgeous ♥ Cas did an amazing job!!!