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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust's and Nail Art!

 I have three of the Zoya Pixie Dust Collection to show you today!  First, let me show you my amateur attempts at a tape mani using all three of the Zoya's I have...

I put on a coat of Milani White Out, and I used striping tape to color block.  I then used the three different Zoya colors in the separate areas of my nails.  It was a little hard because of the wider brushes that Zoya has, but I made it work! I then took off the tape before it dried to get a clean line, although I messed it up on all but one nail. LOL.   My work is not perfect, but I am no nail artist and was fairly happy with the end result!  I got this idea from the wonderful Manicurator, who's color-blocking you can see HERE!
Before I go through the colors, let me tell you about application.  All were two coats and easy to apply, especially with the wider brush. The texture is like a fine grade sand paper and dry time was several minutes.
London is my favorite of the three I have.  London is a gray based polish with hints of sparkly glitter.  I stamped red lips on my ring finger for visual interest.
Zoya Pixie Dust
NYX is a cornflower blue with touches of glittery sparkle.  I used a stamping plate for the nail art.
Zoya Pixie Dust
Zoya Vespa is a mint green and perfect for spring!
Zoya Pixie Dust
The Pixie Dusts wore like iron and even helped keep my nails safe from the daily grind.  I really want to get Chyna and Dahlia too!
You can buy these from Zoya for $9 each!


Geli_Beli said...

Looks great! I'm on a "low buy" these days and it's been very hard to resist the Pixies from Zoya. I'll probably purchase in Spring/Summer... if I keep my willpower! lol!

Aglaya said...

The first mani is my favorite, gorgeous!

Sui Ling Kwong said...

The more I see this mani...the more I wanna try do something like this....its sooo pretty! and yes I agree..the pixiedusts wear like IRON!! :D

Pampered With Polish said...

omg that first mani! <3