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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink

I get to show you the other Nerd Lacquer I bought quite some time ago!  Don't Blink is a light grey base with white, grey and dark grey glitters.  It seemed that some people had gotten this with a base that was almost white, but I was happy with mine.  Whether it looks like the original, I am unsure.  Fortunately, when I put it on, I loved what I saw, so it doesn't matter to me.
I used three coats of Don't Blink and it went on easily and covered evenly.  The glitters all spread out well and I love the tone of grey that it is.  The base reminds me of my favorite light cream grey-Zoya Dove.  I have a thing for grey polish, and the bonus of this one is that it has just enough glitter in it to make it even more interesting!
Macro shot!  I really love Nerd Lacquer's polishes and can't wait to get more in the future.
You can attempt to buy Nerd Lacquer on her website-  Most polishes are $10. 
Or you can attempt to buy it at Harlow and Co or Ninja Polish.  Stay updated on her restocks via Google +.  She also has a Facebook page, but may not be using it for very much according to her update on Google+.
I say "attempt" because Nerd Lacquers are in very high demand.  Amanda was gone for about a year. She was a pioneer in the indie polish business and left at a time when indie polish went crazy!  Now her creations are highly sought after. Please be UNDERSTANDING to the creator and the etailers carrying her polishes. 


Leisel said...

I just for this one from the Ninja Polish restock. The Weeping Angels are my favorite scary thing (not hard, since I don't usually like scary things, anyways... but still).

Leisel said...

Just got this one.... Stupid autocorrect.

shine eye said...

i love it, i hope to get my hands on some nls.