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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nerd Lacquer Holy Grail

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Today, I get to show you one of my first purchases since Nerd Lacquer came back. I have Holy Grail!  
Here is Amanda's description:
 HOLY GRAIL is a glow-in-the-dark linear holo with silver and holographic glitter. That's pretty much all you need to know.
I love her sense of humor, and it seems that this time around, she is no holds barred in letting loose her thoughts on Google+.  I love it!  She is right.  Everything you need to know is in that description! 
I used two coats and had no issues.  It applied quite well and had even coverage.  I applied one coat of top coat and it was as smooth as silk.  It looks amazing in the sun and holds its own in the shade as well!
I had forgotten it was glow-in-the-dark.  When I went to bed, I put my hand over my forehead and my eyes just popped open!  I was wide-eyed and playing with my glow-in-the-dark nails for at least twenty minutes!  The GITD is vivid and easy to see. I could not get pictures and wonder how Chalkboard Nails is able to do it so well!  I woke up to go pee at 4am and noticed that my nails were every bit as vivid at 4am as they were at 10pm!  (TMI on the peeing part?)
Macro shot!  I love the subtlety of Holy Grail, while at the same time being over the top!
You can attempt to buy Nerd Lacquer on her website-  Most polishes are $10. This one and a couple others are $16.
Or you can attempt to buy it at Harlow and Co or Ninja Polish.  Stay updated on her restocks via Google +.  She also has a Facebook page, but may not be using it for very much according to her update on Google+.
I say "attempt" because Nerd Lacquers are in very high demand.  Amanda was gone for about a year. She was a pioneer in the indie polish business and left at a time when indie polish went crazy!  Now her creations are highly sought after. Please be UNDERSTANDING to the creator and the etailers carrying her polishes.


Tiff @Tiffanys Tasteful Talons said...

This is beautiful! I was lucky to grab the three I got in her last restock. I will "attempt" to grab this one next time!

Ashley Haddock said...

Great pics RooYay!!

Kim said...

So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

shine eye said...

insanely pretty!