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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oldie But Goodies-Revisited: Dandy Nails

I wanted to share some older indie's I had that I have posted about.  Dandy Nails Come Out and Play and Make It Real were my first two Dandy Nails polishes and I had swatched them almost exactly one year ago!  (Click on the above links to see my first swatches with top coat.)  These two remain in my favorites and I wanted to wear them again-this time with a matte top coat!
Here is two coats of Come Out and Play with Butter London's matte top coat.
I have a huge thing for all bright in-your-face berry colors.  I just love how simple this one is!  Dandy Nails did matte glitter before most other indie's were doing them.  Simple white matte glitters in the berry pink jelly make this a go-to in my polish stash!
After one year of sitting on my shelf, the polish was like new and had no issues at all. It still went on easily and the glitters came out evenly and spread well.  I can just say, "Winner, winner. Chicken dinner!"  If you don't have this Dandy polish, I highly recommend it!
When I bought Make It Real, Sandy told me that it wasn't a huge seller.  I was surprised.  I love the purple base with gold glitters!  I matted this one too and love the effect.
Just like Come Out and Play, Make It Real lasted very well on my shelf this past year.  With all the question marks surrounding the longevity of indie brand polish, I can say from experience that my Dandy Nails have stood the test of time with flying colors!
Come Out and Play is still available on Dandy Nails Etsy shop for $8.  Make It Real has been discontinued and is no longer available.  She has a ton of polishes in her shop to make up for that though!
International customers can buy Dandy Nails at Ninja Polish.
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