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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pupa Holo's! #33, #34, #39

I have had these Pupa's sitting in my drafts for quite some time now, and since I have broken several nails and have nubbins *sad face*, I am going to be showing you what I have saved up! 
You may remember that my friend from Israel was able to find some of the Italian-made Pupa Holographics in a store near her. Not only that, but they were ON SALE!  I bought nine of them and have posted about three.  
Today, I will show you two blues and a tan.  They all had the same application.  They are the type of holo's that need a special base coat. I didn't have that. Mine went on in two coats. There was significant dragging, but I have been told to dab the second coat on.  The wear time is also very short...try 12 hours.  Having said all that, they are intensely beautiful and VHTF.

#33: #33 is a lighter blue linear holographic.  
The holo in these is ridiculous, just like the FNUG polishes.
#39:  is a tan/gold color.  It almost glows!

Lastly, is #34.  #34 is my favorite of these three.  IT is an intense electric blue.

I did find this Dutch website where the Limited Edition Holo's are available-Pupa Winkel.  Be warned that the bottles are only .17 fl oz.  The cost is 6£.


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Jin Jit said...

These are beautiful on you! But my favorite in this post is #39
There's just something so homey about it... ;-)