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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pupa Holos Purple and Pinks-#35, #36, #37

Hi!  So tonight I have the last of my Pupa Limited Edition Holographic nail polishes.  These are the purple and pinks!  Unfortunately, Pupa just gave these numbers, so that is what I will call them as well. They all had the same application-two coats, a lot of dragging and wear after 12 hours.  The linear holo is tremendous though!
#35 is a deep purple linear holographic.  

#36 is a light lavender with linear holo.  I took these in my light box, so the linear doesn't pop as much as they would have in the sun.

#37 is a rose pink linear holo.  This was also taken in my light box.  The sun was not out the days I wore the last two.  :(

Pupa #37
I did find this Dutch website where the Limited Edition Holo's are available-Pupa Winkel.  Be warned that the bottles are only .17 fl oz.  The cost is 6£.
To see the blues, click here.
To see the greens, click here.

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Jin Jit said...

Yumm yumm yumm!! Candy coated post!!! They look so pretty on you!!! ♥