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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

RAOK from Set In Lacquer-Glitter Gal and a holo!

Remember my post from yesterday?  Kelly, from Set in Lacquer had RAOK'ed me several nail polishes out of the blue and I had wanted to kind of honor her by posting them all together and thanking her publicly.  Yesterday, I showed you some Ciate and NOPI.  Tonight, I want to show you my two favorites.
Apparently, Kelly has a hidden talent for creating frankens!  She made this amazing holo franken that just dazzled on my nails!
It is a teal blue with the holo in it. I only needed two coats and it took my breath away!
It even applied smoothly!  Thank you, Kelly, for such an amazing gift!  It really means a lot.
Macro shot!
Kelly also sent me a Glitter Gal!  This one is called Crushed Ego.  I believe that Kelly looked on my Pinterest Polish Wishlist board and noticed that I have a thing for dark purples.  So she took it upon herself to send this to me!  I have had the pleasure of trying one other Glitter Gal and application for them is so impressive-buttery and easy.
This vibrant purple holo is right up my alley as far as my taste in polishes goes!  Thank you, Kelly, once again!

Please, go follow Set In Lacquer's blog and Facebook page if you don't already! Her swatches will make you drool!


Kelly Ruiz said...

You are far too sweet! The glitter in the franken is a little gritty but a good top coat smooths it some.

Andrea said...

That franken looks great! Doesn't look gritty at all :)

Polished Pisces said...

That franken is AMAZING!!! I would buy that in a second if it were mass market available.