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Monday, April 15, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie and an accent of Smitten Polish

Did you order anything in the RBL pre-order?  I sure did!  I wanted three, but could only afford two, so I got Turn It Around and Forgiveness.  Someday, I hope to get Smile as well!  
I became a fan of RBL when a friend gave me $100 gift certificate to RBL for repiping her house.  (I was a plumber for twelve years.)  I now own several RBL's and am a big fan!  
I was able to score RBL Scrangie in a group late last year, and am just now getting to post about it!  
I'm sure you all know WHO Scrangie is.  In case you don't, Scrangie is a very well-known nail blogger.  A couple of years ago, she won a chance to create a polish with Ji, owner of RBL, along with some others.  Thus the Fan Collection was started.  Scrangie has been one of the best sellers of the fan collections and is no longer being made and is VHTF.  (Very Hard To Find)
I used three coats of Scrangie and application was very smooth and easy to apply. It was quite opaque and I may have gotten away with two coats, but I knew my camera would pick up every flaw, so I played it safe.  Scrangie is a purple jelly base with a bluish shimmer, described as looking like a beetle's wing.  I used an accent nail of Smitten Polish The One on the Right. (More detailed post on that at a later date.)  The one downside to RBL's is that they get tip wear on me extremely fast-like within 12 hours.  That should be a no-no with a $20 bottle of polish, but I just can't seem to stop saying no to them.
Here is Scrangie close-up.
You can buy RBL's on their website.  Polishes retail for $18-$20 each.


Becky said...

Definitely took advantage of the pre-order and finally got my first RBLs - Thank You and Turn It Around. Super excited for them!

And Scrangie is such a gorgeous polish - looks great on you!

Chantel said...

Gorgeous nails!