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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sinful Shine-Four New Polishes!

Hello!  I am pretty excited, because I have something new to show you today!  I recently bought eight of the new Sinful Shine polishes that recently came out exclusively at Walgreens.  They seem to be have arrived at some Walgreens and not others. These polishes take after the UV style polishes, but are only $2.99 and you do not have to sit with your hand under a lamp.  

***Here is what these four polishes had in common:  Easy application, brush was easy to use, all dried super shiny, no staining, and very minor tip wear after one day.***

In The Limelight is a lime green cream polish.  It went on in one coat for me!  I tried to do thin coats, but the polish was so abundant on the brush, that I felt forced to do one coat. (I know that sounds weird, but that is how it went down!)  It was very easy to apply and it is super shiny!  All pictures in this post are without top coat!  
Sinful Shine
 Man Hunt is a dark sage green with a light green shimmer.  This was also a one coater!
Sinful Shine
 Amazonian is a gorgeous blackened emerald green!  Amazonian and Man Hunt were the only two non-cream polishes out of the Sinful Shines that were on display.  This was a two coater.
Sinful Shine
 The last one for tonight is Pragmatic.  Pragmatic was a two coater and is a gorgeous shade of lilac!
Sinful Shine Pragmatic
My thoughts:  While these are being touted as having "Gel Tech,"  this in no way means that your manicure will last two weeks.  I am very rough on my hands and had very minor tip wear after one day.  I do believe that they will last longer than the regular Sinful Colors line and I love the shine that they have and the fact that none of them stained my nails! I did not use base coat nor top coat for any of the pics and I wore each of them for one day.


Jen from xoxoJen said...

LOVE that purple! I might neeeeeeed it. lol

Sarah at Starlight Radiance said...

I got Pragmatic AND Alfresco! Mmmmm!!!

Chantel said...

Gorgeous nail polishes!

Patricia Knetzer said...

They're all so gorgeous!! I love Man Hunt!