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Friday, May 3, 2013

Maya Custom Polish and Giveaway!

My friend Jen from My Nail Polish Obsession had a birthday and I decided to ask Kat from Maya Cosmetics to create a custom polish for her.   Jen loves orange and she loves jelly glitters, so Kat came up with this beauty!  I named it Orange You Special? I was super surprised when Kat sent me-not one- but three polishes!  I kept one and gave the extra to Jen to have a giveaway with!  Well, that giveaway is happening RIGHT NOW.  So, before I give you the linkage to the giveaway over at Jen's blog, let me show you the polish you could win!
Orange You Special? is an orange jelly polish with small colored glitter in it. It also has a smattering of medium gold hex glitters.  Now if you are like my friend, Jen, who had never bought nor used a Maya Cosmetics polish, let me share a little something with you... ALL of her glitters and glitter jellies apply flawlessly.  I used two coats and the coats are the perfect consistency and the glitters come out on their own and spread uniformly. It is as if you are applying a cream, but glitter just happens to be in there.
Label shot!
You can enter to win the third of three Orange you Special? polishes by going to My Nail Polish Obsession and filling out the Rafflecopter.  The giveaway is being hosted by her and ends May 11.
Check out the macro!
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Jen Sky Walker said...

Gorgeous colour! You and Kat did an amazing job in creating this one! <3

Jennifer Tesauro said...

LI love it so much! And I think it looks beautiful on you!