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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Naild'It Unique Polish- Holo! My Name Is...

I am knee deep in Naild'It Unique Polishes and I am in heaven!  This woman can really churn out the good stuff in my opinion!  Last night, I got distracted from showing you her holos, but I am back on track!  I have what I consider the best of the bunch!
Holo!  My Name Is... is another duo chrome/holo polish.  The duochrome is a blue/green, purple/copper shift.  In the sun, it has the added bonus of a scattered holo! Look....
Holo!  My Name is... in the shade takes on a completely different look. The holo is gone, and you are left with the beautiful shifting colors. I have two pictures to show you the color shifts.
I LOVE this one.  Oh!  I forgot to talk about application.  Holo!  My Name Is... is a two coater.  I noticed the polish would thicken a bit as I polished, so I suggest giving it a good shake halfway through.  I also had a slight dragging issue when I wasn't careful, so make sure it dries between coats.
The affect of this polish is amazing in the sunlight.  I love it!
Macro shot!

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You can also buy Naild'IT from Overall BeautyLlarowe, and Mei Mei's Signatures.

*These polishes were sent for an honest review*


Chantel said...

Gorgeous polish!

Tia Green said...

Aghghgh so amazing and beautiful! I just got done reviewing two other holos Andrea sent me, but I think I might need to buy this one!