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Monday, May 27, 2013

Smoky Lavender Comparison

It just recently dawned on me that despite my efforts to not have dupes; I still managed to BUY ALL THE SMOKY LAVENDERS!
I decided that I MUST do a comparison post immediately-if not sooner.
I will say that none were really dupes.  RBL Forgiveness and Elevation Polish Tavan Bogd were the closest to each other, but Tavan Bogd was a shade lighter.
Insouciant was the darkest of them all and also had the added shimmer to it. The other three are straight creams.  As far as application went, A England outshone them all with its buttery, perfect application; but all of them applied well.  My opinion is you need them all if you are like me and can't get enough of smoky lavs.
Here is more of a skittle mani with some smoky purples/lavenders.
This was my first time trying on a Contrary Polish, and I have to say I was blown away by the amazing formula. It went on like butter!  The shimmer in it was very evident as well.  A England Guinevere has been my go-to color when I want something soothing to wear and is one of the few polishes I have worn more than once.  It is good to know I have a "back-up" of RBL Forgiveness when I need it.
You can find any of these shops on the page tab at the top of my blog labeled, "Indie Nail Polish Shop Links."


Maile said...

GREAT comparisons! You have quite the smokey gray collection! I love all of them! Now I have to give Insocutant another try!

Jennifer Anderson said...

Thanks for the great comparison post! Love, love, love comparisons!