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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

3,000 Facebook Follower Giveaway!

Somehow, I have reached a crazy surreal number on my Facebook page
 I could have never in my dreams imagined that happening.  I started blogging because I just wanted to try it.  I didn't think it would last and I certainly didn't think more than a hundred people would be interested enough to follow me!  So, I want to take the time to thank you properly by having a giveaway.  I had planned on doing grab bags, from my stash.  They are polishes I swatched once.  In the process of planning this, two friends messaged me and insisted on helping!  
Cynthia, from Alter Ego Nail Enamel donated four of her newly reformulated polishes...These are some of her best sellers!
L-R: Desert Storm Trigger Puller, Plumber, Beach Comber Too!, Jewelery Box Ballerina
My friend, Tina also really wanted to help me out and bought these gorgeous Red Dog Designs polishes from the Strawberry Shortcake Collection...
The last prize is a GRAB BAG made up of indie brands, mainstream and a mini indie. I also included some candy and sample CND product.  These are polishes I have swatched one time. I generally sell grab bags on my Facebook page, and this is what they are made up of!
A special thank you to Cynthia and Tina for their generous donations!

Here are the details:

  • This giveaway starts now and ends July 10 at 12am EST. 
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to win.
  • Contest entries WILL BE verified.  
  • Winners will be announced on the Things I Love at the Moment Facebook Page ONLY! Make sure that you are signed up to get ALL my notifications in your news feed so you don't miss it! 
  • Winners will have 48 hours to claim prize. 
  • Giveaway is only open to the USA.
  • Please allow 7 days after winner is verified for prize to ship.

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SoFlaJo I'm A Star-fish and Not 2Nite, I've Got a Haddock

My friend, Jody, from SoFlaJo, gave me a few gifts for my birthday last week!  These two polishes were are from her new Wet Dreams Collection.  I reviewed a couple in this post.  Tonight I have I'm A Star-fish and Not 2Nite, I've Got a Haddock.  
I'm A Star-Fish is described as...
A yellowish-green polish full of heavy holographic glitter. This one will require your best top coat glitter tamer and a little soak to get it all off. Gorgeous and chunky!
This polish was slightly thick because of the abundance of glitter, but did not hinder performance in any way.  I love the holo glitter!  I used two coats and two coats of top coat.
I had a really impossible time capturing this polish, and even thought about just not posting; because I felt my photos weren't up to snuff.  But I changed my mind. :)

Not 2Nite, I've Got a Haddock is described as...
A bronzey coral that flashes in the right light. Perfect for tanned skin!
I used two coats and application was easy...

You can buy SoFlaJo polishes from Jody's Etsy Shop or from her website.
Full sized bottles are $10 and minis are $5.
LIKE SoFlaJo on Facebook for updates!
Visit SoFlaJo's blog!

*these polishes were sent as a RAOK. All opinions are my own*

Sunday, June 23, 2013

SoFlaJo's Salmon-Chanted Evening and For the Halibut

Today, I will be posting twice, because I have some pretties from SoFlaJo's new Wet Dreams Collection!  All polishes are based on ocean fish and the theme is dear to my heart as my husband is a commercial fisherman.  So, there are six polishes total, and I will be showing you four of the six-two now and two later.  
Salmon-Chanted Evening was actually the only one sent for review; the others were a birthday gift.  This one has a couple of things I love in a polish-holo and duo chrome!  Here is what Jody has to say about it...
Salmon-Chanted Evening flashes from pink to green in a light holographic base.
It is a very accurate description.  The main color is pink, but at times you can see green and even a taupe. In the sun, the loosely scattered holo flashes in the sun.  As far as mimicking salmon goes, she is dead on with this one!
My husband on the left with friends and their salmon.
I love the taupe-y color that is in this polish. I wasn't expecting that and it is a real bonus!
I only needed two coats and with most all of SoFlaJo's polishes, application was flawless.
Here, you can see the scattered holo from the sun.
Here is a macro shot of Salmon-Chanted Evening.
Next up is what turned out to be my favorite, For the Halibut.  For the Halibut is described by Jody as...
A green/blue/gold shimmering polish.  Sparkling on your fingertips, yet easy to remove.
I used two coats and it applied flawlessly.  As for resembling halibut, she did a great job getting that muddy green/gold that a halibut has on its topside.  Here is my husband again with a halibut.
I did not see the blue that is mentioned, but the green and gold were very obvious!
Here it is in the shade.

You can buy SoFlaJo polishes from Jody's Etsy Shop or from her website.
Full sized bottles are $10 and minis are $5.
LIKE SoFlaJo on Facebook for updates!
Visit SoFlaJo's blog!

*these polishes were sent for review/as a RAOK. All opinions are my own*

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Liquidus Nail Gloss-New Summer Collection!

I am so sorry I have not been posting as often as I normally do!  I have been enjoying the outdoors, and my nails have been chipping like crazy, so I am helping them recover.
Today, I have Liquidus Nail Gloss' new Summer 2013 Collection for you!  This collection consists of three new polishes-a pink jelly, a green jelly glitter, and a black glitter topper!  I have had the privilege of reviewing some of Liquidus' polishes and I have to say that they are all unique.  Before I start,  I have a code for you good for anything in her shop!  Use TILATM10OFF for 10% off and will be good for the next ten days!
The first polish is called Pink Agate and it is my favorite!  Danielle, the owner/creator behind Liquidus, describes it like this...
Inspired by the pink translucent variation of agate, this polish is a hot pink jelly perfect for a summer jelly sandwich.
I used 3-4 coats to get it this opaque and it built up well and easily.  I just love a good jelly, and you all know I can't say no to a bright in-your-face pink!
I am a fan of most blue-leaning pinks especially, and this one fits the criteria!  My first thought was that this would be great for a jelly sandwich.

Nothing brings me back to the 80's hair band era like neon pink and black!  Obsidian is a black glitter topper, and this is what Danielle had to say about it...
Inspired by the glassy volcanic rock Obsidian, this polish is pure black glitter.  Polish includes three shapes of shiny black glitter-diamonds, hexes and squares in a clear glossy base.
I created a perfect jelly sandwich by layering a coat of Obsidian, then a coat of Pink Agate, then repeating the process again.  Obsidian went on perfectly and the glitter came out easily and I had no issues at all with it.
Ironically, I was just thinking about how I wished I had an all black glitter topper and now I do!  You can do so many different styles of sandwiches with it!

The last one by Liquidus Nail Gloss is called Emerald.  Liquidus describes it like this...
Inspired by the rich green gemstone Emerald, this polish is a dark  green jelly packed full of iridescent flecks.
I used three coats of Emerald and it went on smoothly, although I did have issues with opacity.  The glass flecks came out nice and evenly.

Don't forget to use my special code for 10% off-TILATM10OFF- good until July 2!
Full sized bottles retail for $9 and minis for $6.
Check out her shop on Etsy-Liquidus Nail Gloss
LIKE her Facebook page for updates and news!
You can also email  her at
*these polishes were sent for my honest review*

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Megan Miller Coral Bliss

I wasn't going to blog about this polish, until a dear friend mentioned that she couldn't Pin It to her wishlist on Pinterest.  So here you go Ashley!  This is Megan Miller Coral Bliss which my mom bought for me for 50% off at Anthropologie in Carmel last year.  
 2-3 easy coats and a coat of Seche Vite. I adore the bottles too!

Dior Liquorice

A sweet friend of mine gifted me with this amazing polish-Dior Liquorice!!  Special thank you to Jin-Jit from Superficially Colorful for this amazing act of kindness!
I have been drooling over this polish for a long while, and was in utter shock and disbelief when I opened a package to find this in it! It is a discontinued and HTF polish, so I didn't think I would be able to find it!  My photography was waaayyy off the day I took the pics, but you can get the idea.
Dior Liquorice took 2-3 coats and is a beautiful vampy deep red with gold shimmer.
My pictures do NOT do this polish justice in any way and I almost didn't post, because of that, but figured I would do it anyways.

The macro shows it off the best.   THANK YOU SO MUCH JIN-JIT for your kindhearted act. I am so blown away by this!
You can help me pay it forward by following Jin-Jit's blog Superficially Colorful and liking her FACEBOOK PAGE!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Polish Addict-Swatches and Reviews

Tonight, I am excited to review a new-to-me indie brand, Polish Addict.  I will be showing you four of her polishes-all glitter jellies/crellies.
The first one is called Summer Lovin'.  Summer Lovin' is a white crelly with yellow, red, green, lavender, and pink small and medium matte hexes and squares.
 Application was very nice. I used three easy coats and the glitters spread well and evenly on the nail. I did not need to do any fishing. What you see is what came out when I polished my nails!
 The polish had a great consistency as well. It was neither too thick nor too thin. I used a top coat of Seche Vite and it smoothed out.
 The macro shot of Summer Lovin' shows the glitter in better detail!
 Next, we have Jellyfish 1.  Jellyfish 1 is a transluscent, gold shimmery base with micro fuchsia and blue glitters in it.  I also noticed some green micro glitter in it as well.

 Again I had no issues with this polish at all!  Application was easy breezy and the glitter came out and spread out nice and evenly on the nail.  I used three coats for opacity.
 I used a coat of Seche Vite to smooth it out.
 You can really see the shimmer in this macro shot!
 Neon Nights was the funky one of the bunch!  And by funky,  I mean LARGE black round glitters and medium black rectangles and LARGE blue hexes!  Mix that with some LARGE pink hexes and some medium orange and lots of micro glitter and you got yourself some funky nails!  I personally love the mix of this glitter and will say that the playfulness of it won me over.
 Neon Nights was the finickiest of the bunch, but worth the labor.  I used three coats for opacity and had to dab all the medium and large sized glitters on my nail, except for the large black rectangles which came out in droves.  All the smaller glitters came out readily.
 I love the opacity of this crelly and noticed with all four polishes that Polish Addict has gotten that part down pat.  She used a perfect mixture ratio of base to pigmentation in order to see the glitters enough through the layers without seeing VNL.  Excellent job in that respect and something many indies have a hard time doing.
 I love circle glitters!  Something about this polish reminds me of snowmen....
 Lastly, I have Summer Berries.  Summer Berries is a pink crelly base with an array of "berry" colors.  I love the micro red glitters which reminded me of strawberries!  I love how this polish really captures the name.  Summer Berries is packed full of glitter and has a lot going on in it, but somehow it just works.  I love the crazy in this polish and the cohesiveness of the colors really pulls it together.
  I used three coats for opacity and I had no issues at all. The glitters came out easily and spread well.  I love the different styles of glitter in it too-squares, circles, hairy glitter, hexes.  I say, "The more, the merrier!"

 Love this!!!
Below are all the media outlets you can find Polish Addict on:
SHOP: Polishes are 35% off THIS WHOLE WEEKEND!
INSTAGRAM: @polishaddictnailcolor
TWITTER: @polishaddict34
*these polishes were sent to me for an honest review*