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Friday, June 14, 2013

Comparison Post-Girly Bits Bachelor's Button and ATC Caty Perry-winkle

Woohooo!  I am on a comparison post roll!  I didn't even know I had enough polishes to do comp posts, but apparently I do!
Today, I have a couple of periwinkle holos.
Girly Bits Bachelor's Button and Above the Curve Caty Perry-winkle.  
Both had excellent application:  
ATC Caty Perrywinkle was more pigmented and a touch thicker.  It was almost a one-coater.  
GB Bachelor's Button had a smoother consistency and flowed superbly onto the nail. 
 GB wins by a hair for application.
For color:  GB Bachelor's Button leans more blue.  ATC Caty Periwinkle is dead on for periwinkle. Of course, GB doesn't claim to be a periwinkle, and I love the color of blue that it is, but I give the win to ATC for being able to pull off a true periwinkle.
Holo strength:  GB Bachelor's Button has a strong linear holo. It is obvious and even shows in artificial lighting (not shown).  ATC has a scattered subtle holo.  I think this category is really up to the buyer as far as what you prefer, but I prefer strong linear holos, so GB wins the holo category.
In reality, both of these polishes are stunning and have terrific application.  You win no matter which one you buy!  Here is Above the Curve's Caty Perry-winkle.
artificial lighting
Here is Girly Bits Bachelor's Button.  

You can buy Girly Bits from her own personal website based out of Canada-Girly Bits
Canadian-based online store:   Harlow and Co
American-based online store: Llarowe or OverAll Beauty
Singapore-based online store: Mei Mei's Signatures.
Prices vary from $10-$13.
IG- (at)girlybitscosmetics    Pinterest-

You can buy Above the Curve from her own Etsy shop.  or her Big Cartel website-Above the Curve.
Facebook page-
Prices run $9 for full size.


Andrea said...

<3 Comparisons. I actually wondered about these exact polishes, too! Thank you.

Bénédicte said...

Thank you for this comparison :)