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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Liquidus Nail Gloss-New Summer Collection!

I am so sorry I have not been posting as often as I normally do!  I have been enjoying the outdoors, and my nails have been chipping like crazy, so I am helping them recover.
Today, I have Liquidus Nail Gloss' new Summer 2013 Collection for you!  This collection consists of three new polishes-a pink jelly, a green jelly glitter, and a black glitter topper!  I have had the privilege of reviewing some of Liquidus' polishes and I have to say that they are all unique.  Before I start,  I have a code for you good for anything in her shop!  Use TILATM10OFF for 10% off and will be good for the next ten days!
The first polish is called Pink Agate and it is my favorite!  Danielle, the owner/creator behind Liquidus, describes it like this...
Inspired by the pink translucent variation of agate, this polish is a hot pink jelly perfect for a summer jelly sandwich.
I used 3-4 coats to get it this opaque and it built up well and easily.  I just love a good jelly, and you all know I can't say no to a bright in-your-face pink!
I am a fan of most blue-leaning pinks especially, and this one fits the criteria!  My first thought was that this would be great for a jelly sandwich.

Nothing brings me back to the 80's hair band era like neon pink and black!  Obsidian is a black glitter topper, and this is what Danielle had to say about it...
Inspired by the glassy volcanic rock Obsidian, this polish is pure black glitter.  Polish includes three shapes of shiny black glitter-diamonds, hexes and squares in a clear glossy base.
I created a perfect jelly sandwich by layering a coat of Obsidian, then a coat of Pink Agate, then repeating the process again.  Obsidian went on perfectly and the glitter came out easily and I had no issues at all with it.
Ironically, I was just thinking about how I wished I had an all black glitter topper and now I do!  You can do so many different styles of sandwiches with it!

The last one by Liquidus Nail Gloss is called Emerald.  Liquidus describes it like this...
Inspired by the rich green gemstone Emerald, this polish is a dark  green jelly packed full of iridescent flecks.
I used three coats of Emerald and it went on smoothly, although I did have issues with opacity.  The glass flecks came out nice and evenly.

Don't forget to use my special code for 10% off-TILATM10OFF- good until July 2!
Full sized bottles retail for $9 and minis for $6.
Check out her shop on Etsy-Liquidus Nail Gloss
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You can also email  her at
*these polishes were sent for my honest review*


Lena Payne said...

You need to get you some "Pure Nail Oil" They have it on Amazon now. It is called "Bliss Kiss Nail Oil" now. I am telling you this stuff works!
Thanks for the swatches!!

Debbie Crumpet said...

oh wow that pink is AMAZING !!!