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Sunday, June 9, 2013

SoFlaJo Black Dagger and Oopsie Daisies Zeus

It's a Black Dagger kind of day... Seriously, earlier today, I showed you SoFlaJo's Black Dagger with Dandy Nails Wish It Away on top.  Tonight, I want to show you Black Dagger with an accent nail of an all white glitter topper!  But wait....
First, I want to drag out my love for SoFlaJo's Black Dagger. If you have not ventured into buying polish from SoFlaJo, let me tell you my thoughts.  First of all, SoFlaJo has been around the indie game longer than most.  She really knows what she is doing and even mentors some of the newer indie brands.  
One of my favorites of hers is Black Dagger-a simple rubber-finish black. 
This was two easy coats and no top coat.  This screams leather and eighties hair bands to me!
I opted for a simple manicure. I have a deep love for anything black and white (see my Black and White board on Pinterest,) so this seemed appropriate.   I top coated my middle finger and I put one coat of Oopsie Daisies Zeus on my ring finger followed by a coat of Seche Vite.

You can buy SoFlaJo polishes at and on Etsy.  
Full sized bottles retail for $10 and minis are $5.
LIKE SoFlaJo on Facebook to keep up with restocks and updates!

You can buy Zeus and others at Oopsie Daisies Etsy shop.  They retail for $8.50.
For updates and other news, visit her Facebook page!


Rachael said...

I would love to see Black Dagger compared to other similar polishes!

Chantel said...

Love this!