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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SoFlaJo I'm A Star-fish and Not 2Nite, I've Got a Haddock

My friend, Jody, from SoFlaJo, gave me a few gifts for my birthday last week!  These two polishes were are from her new Wet Dreams Collection.  I reviewed a couple in this post.  Tonight I have I'm A Star-fish and Not 2Nite, I've Got a Haddock.  
I'm A Star-Fish is described as...
A yellowish-green polish full of heavy holographic glitter. This one will require your best top coat glitter tamer and a little soak to get it all off. Gorgeous and chunky!
This polish was slightly thick because of the abundance of glitter, but did not hinder performance in any way.  I love the holo glitter!  I used two coats and two coats of top coat.
I had a really impossible time capturing this polish, and even thought about just not posting; because I felt my photos weren't up to snuff.  But I changed my mind. :)

Not 2Nite, I've Got a Haddock is described as...
A bronzey coral that flashes in the right light. Perfect for tanned skin!
I used two coats and application was easy...

You can buy SoFlaJo polishes from Jody's Etsy Shop or from her website.
Full sized bottles are $10 and minis are $5.
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*these polishes were sent as a RAOK. All opinions are my own*

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Jennifer Tesauro said...

Starfish is gorgeous!! Great swatches!