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Sunday, June 23, 2013

SoFlaJo's Salmon-Chanted Evening and For the Halibut

Today, I will be posting twice, because I have some pretties from SoFlaJo's new Wet Dreams Collection!  All polishes are based on ocean fish and the theme is dear to my heart as my husband is a commercial fisherman.  So, there are six polishes total, and I will be showing you four of the six-two now and two later.  
Salmon-Chanted Evening was actually the only one sent for review; the others were a birthday gift.  This one has a couple of things I love in a polish-holo and duo chrome!  Here is what Jody has to say about it...
Salmon-Chanted Evening flashes from pink to green in a light holographic base.
It is a very accurate description.  The main color is pink, but at times you can see green and even a taupe. In the sun, the loosely scattered holo flashes in the sun.  As far as mimicking salmon goes, she is dead on with this one!
My husband on the left with friends and their salmon.
I love the taupe-y color that is in this polish. I wasn't expecting that and it is a real bonus!
I only needed two coats and with most all of SoFlaJo's polishes, application was flawless.
Here, you can see the scattered holo from the sun.
Here is a macro shot of Salmon-Chanted Evening.
Next up is what turned out to be my favorite, For the Halibut.  For the Halibut is described by Jody as...
A green/blue/gold shimmering polish.  Sparkling on your fingertips, yet easy to remove.
I used two coats and it applied flawlessly.  As for resembling halibut, she did a great job getting that muddy green/gold that a halibut has on its topside.  Here is my husband again with a halibut.
I did not see the blue that is mentioned, but the green and gold were very obvious!
Here it is in the shade.

You can buy SoFlaJo polishes from Jody's Etsy Shop or from her website.
Full sized bottles are $10 and minis are $5.
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*these polishes were sent for review/as a RAOK. All opinions are my own*

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Colorsplashnails said...

These are both gorgeous polishes, Michelle. I love how accurate the colors truly are! And your husband's fish are AWESOME!!!!! WOW!!! My hubby and I were both admiring them. We only catch largemouth bass and pike in our little lake and pond in our backyard! ^.^