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Sunday, June 9, 2013

When Indie Brands Collide-Dandy Nails, Indigo Bananas, and SoFlaJo

Boy, have I got a triple threat for you tonight!  Awhile ago, I started a series called, "When Indie Brands Collide."  have you ever put two indie brands together on your nails and just wanted to drop to the floor? *thud*  Me too!  
Tonight I have two excellent base colors made by SoFlaJo and Indigo Bananas, and a beautiful glitter top coat made by Dandy Nails.
First, I used SoFlaJo's amazing black cream called Black Dagger.  It is an easy and effortless two coater that dries to a rubbery finish.  I topped the ring finger with Dandy Nails Wish It Away.   Wish It Away is what glitter heaven is made of. It is a mix of fuchsia, aqua and tiny pink and lavender glitter in a clear base.
Wish It Away goes on easily and effortlessly and looks like the stuff fantasies are made of!

I then put on Indigo Bananas Klein Trink Wasser.  Two easy coats of a very vivid, almost neon blue!
I put Dandy Nails Wish It Away over the ring finger...
And here is what they look like covered in Wish It Away!
SoFlaJo's Black Dagger with Wish It Away over the top!
I aim to do more of this series "When Indie Brands Collide."  Let me know if you think this series is worth keeping!

You can buy SoFlaJo polishes at and on Etsy.  Full sized bottles retail for $10 and minis are $5.
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Dandy Nails is available at Dandy Nails Etsy shop for $8.
International customers can buy Dandy Nails at Ninja Polish.
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Click HERE to visit Indigo Bananas.
Full sized holos retail for $12 each and minis for $5.50.
Other polishes are $10/$4.50.
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