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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mod Lacquer Imperial Serpent and Technicolor Noise

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Tonight begins a series of reviews of Mod Lacquer polishes!  Here is how Mod Lacquer describes herself...
Mod Lacquer is a small company that was created to produce nail polish that would reflect the definition of the company name "Mod" by combining 2 definitions of the word.

Mod —
1. Derived from the word modernist was eventually used in the 60's to describe anything that was thought to be popular, fashionable, or modern.

2. Derived from the word modification which is used to describe PC games that are developed by the general public.

I can tell you this-Mod Lacquer's polishes are the very definition of modern and playful.  First, let me show you Imperial Serpent.  This is a sheer purple base loaded with fine holographic micro glitter.  
I used two easy coats.  It went on very easily and covered well. I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite to smooth it out.  I had been eyeing this polish for awhile and had planned on buying it, but was so excited to get it for review!  Mod Lacquer is so unique and creative with her polishes and the quality of product is there as well.
I also love her cute bottles and the labels!
Next up, is Technicolor Noise over Milani Almond Bliss.   Technicolor Noise is a mix of matte pink, blue and lime mid-sized glitters and small red matte glitters in a clear base.
It screams 80's to me!  I used 1-2 coats on my nails (index and pinkie have one coat, the others have two) and I dabbed some extra larger squares on my nails.  They did come out easily and I got at least one on each nail when I put the coats on, but I wanted a few more.
The glitters laid flat and spread very well.  Another job well done by Mod Lacquer.
Full-sized polishes retail for $9.50. Minis are $4.  
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Kelly Ruiz said...

Both of those look amazing! How do you find all these outstanding indies? I love learning about all of them!

Cosmetic Sanctuary said...

I love both of these! I haven't really heard of this indie brand, but I need to take a look now!

Jen Sky Walker said...

How cute are those labels! I love the polishes as well :)

loveforlacquer said...

I need some Mod Lacquer in my life - so pretty!

the_lacquerologist said...

I love Mod Lacquer! These are both so fun!

Toria Mason said...

Imperial Serpent is so pretty and has such a fun name. Love the bottles and labels!!

- Toria

Taneja's Bride said...

OMG IMPERIAL SERPENT! I want, want, want!!!!

Leslie @ work / play / polish said...

MOD lacquer is high on my to-buy list! Very pretty swatches!