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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate-VL009- ALL THE DESIGNS! (PIC HEAVY)

Tonight, I have something different for you!  I have done several manicures this last few weeks using all of the designs on the Vivid Lacquer stamping plate, VL009.  One thing I like to see when looking for plates is examples of ALL the designs, so I am excited to show you!  
I first want to say, that I am by no means a stamping expert.  Quite frankly, I have struggled with stamping. The Vivid Lacquer plate made stamping simple and easy for me!
Here is a look at the plate...

For this first manicure, I used Dandy Nails The Pink Ladies, Cult Nails  Untamed, and SoFlaJo Black Dagger. I used the top design on the plate which looks like OPI Spotted when you are done.  I was thrilled with the large design on the plate. There is NO WAY you won't have enough design to fit your nail!  I used SoFlaJo Black Dagger to do the spots.
The skittlette (which I am totally obsessed with) is done on this mani using all A England polishes.   I did a fishtail on the ring finger, but the stamping was done with the middle right basket weave design.  I used a base coat of Galahad.  I stamped with Excalibur, and I dotted with Guinevere.  The design came out cleanly and my only issue was in user error (my fault!)  I put it on crooked.  I am still learning!
 This next Skittlette, uses the same basket weave design with the bottom middle "fingerprint" design on the top of it.  I also dotted red "blood" on the middle finger.  I used a base coat of Aqua Daisy Fuel Spill for the base of both the ring and middle fingers.  I stamped the basket weave again with A England  Excalibur. It is a fantastic polish for stamping as it is a one coater.  Yes, I only used one coat of it on my index finger!  I then used Sheswai Honeyfox to stamp the fingerprint design over the basket weave design.  The fingerprint design went onto my nail very well. My only issue with it is that it is so big it would never fit on my nails and look like a fingerprint.
 When I wore the above design, I put this design on my other hand.  I was fascinated by the spotted design and used it again!  The AquaDaisy Fuel Spill stamped okay, but I love how the A England stamped!
If you have issues doing a basic water marble design, there is a fantastic water marble design on the plate!  It enables anyone to stamp a water marble and make it look authentic.
 I used a base coat of RBL Smile.  I used two coats. For the stamping a used Kiko Holographic 401.
 The stamp worked great. The only issue was in user error-my trying to figure out what angle to stamp it on my finger with.
 The last design utilizes the heart stamps-bottom left and right.  I used a base coat of Contrary Polish Frozen.   I stamped in black and loved how it turned out!  I stamped with Sinful Colors Black on Black on the ring finger with the inverted design as well. I had no issues at all with these designs and they were tied for my favorite along with the spotted.  I thought it would look cute to color in one of the hearts, so I colored one in with Sheswai Honeyfox on the middle finger.
 On my other hand I used a base coat of Contrary Polish Somebody Loved, but I don't like it as much as the white.
 Close up of the Contrary Polish Frozen!
 I then got really creative and decided to color in all the hearts!  I used a dotting tool for all the hearts.  I also used the regular line of Milani colors for all of the smaller hearts and the Texture line for the larger hearts!
 If you follow me on IG, you would have seen this close up of it last week! (at) thingsiloveatthemoment

BOTTOM LINE:  I love the Vivid Lacquer plates and can't wait to try the other two I have. I also can't wait to buy the rest of hers!  These are creative, and the designs are large and easy to use. They are only $8, so it really is a WIN-WIN.
You can buy her plates in her Etsy shop HERE.
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Danielle Hollenbach said...

love this plate so much! great manis too.

Ashley Haddock said...

I super duper love all these manis!! Great stamping plate!

Nailderella said...

what a great plate! I love the spotted pattern!

Tini said...

These mani's are awesome and now I'm going to have to check out these plates!

Cin O said...

Great stamping and creativity. I love the hearts stamped on the white and then the one single colored in heart the best. But all the mani's you did are really cute. The water marble really looks like the real thing only neater. I was scrolling to see how you got the OPI spotted look, and it's a stamp! How cute is that? Same look, no hard to find expensive polish. I need this stamping plate.

The Fluffoluffagus said...

The heart mani with Frozen is sweet perfection. I have this plate. Is it OK for me to copy this look? Vivid Lacquer are the best plates I've ever used. The nice big designs make it easy to cover the whole nail. She just released some new plates today and one of them has the most adorable Koi. I'm so glad I jumped on a bundle deal. I would be disappointed if I didn't get the whole collection.

Michelle Rouhier said...

Of course you can copy! I'd appreciate it if you have me credit for the idea if you do blog about it or post pics though! Thank you!

Lizzy O. TheDIYLady said...

Lovely images. I love the manis you created with each one.