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Monday, July 15, 2013

What's In My Beauty Stash?

I have a change in scenery for you tonight!  I was talking with some of my girls, a few who are beauty bloggers and/or MUA's and as we talked I realized how very little I had in the way of makeup and face products.  
I have always been into makeup.  I have been wearing it for 30 years!  But I always bought the bare minimum drugstore finds and never thought to go further than that.  It made me decide to go through my medicine cabinet and reevaluate my "collection."  I would also love it if you told me what works for you!

SKIN CARE:  I am an avid and loyal user of Paula's Choice skin care.  I could write an entire post about why I will never use anything else, but that would be a whole different post!  (If you are interested in hearing my skin care battle, comment, and I will do it if enough are interested.)
PRIMERS:  I am not a religious user of primers, but I do find that when I use them, my face stays on longer! I am still on the hunt for a great eye and face primer.  My skin is fairly sensitive and will break out if anything out of the ordinary gets on it. I also have combination skin.  The Kat Von D eye primer I use dries out my eyelids.  The NYX eye primer works alright but doesn't last all day.
FOUNDATION: I have olive-toned skin and oily/combo skin.  Any type of foundation with even a hint of peach shows up as VERY peach on me!  L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation in N3/N4 works very well for me!  I am not married to any powder foundation and am open to suggestions!  Right now, I use Bare Minerals, but am close to running out. I am thinking of getting a drugstore brand.
Thanks to my friend Silver's suggestion, I bought these amazing brushes from Ulta.  The brand is Real Techniques. Being a drugstore makeup user most of my life, I have never owned nice makeup brushes and these are so dense and soft, they make putting makeup on effortless.

MASCARA:  I love mascara; but I am also cheap!  I don't like paying $8 for mascara, and so I only ever buy one at a time. When I bought some stuff from Sephora, I was able to get a sample mascara from Clinique.  I LOVE IT!  I am always on the lookout for a mascara that will make my lashes look outrageously long and thick and luscious!
LIPSTICK:  I'm almost embarrassed to be showing you my makeup. You will see that I am very conservative in what I wear. I am trying to break out of that though!  Up until a week ago, this was all the lipstick I owned.  And the ones in front (MAC and Milanis were all ones I had gotten very recently!)   I generally wear neutral shades on my lips.  Lately, I have been rethinking that idea and bought a fuchsia in the Maybelline VIVIDS line. I fell in love!  (You can see the picture on IG.)  I recently did a swap with my friend, Lisa, and got 17 lipsticks from her!!   (Those are on IG too.)
Here is my tiny little collection of lipsticks.
EYELINER: I am constantly on the hunt for an eyeliner that won't BUDGE.  I have bought gels, felt tip, pencil, liquid...Nothing has been perfect.
My two favorites are Stila felt tip eyeliner and Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner (not shown as it ran out.)
EYESHADOW: I can't get enough eyeshadow!  I love palettes, because of their convenience.  My favorites are these Kat Von D palettes.  Used along with primer, they do not move off of my lid.
And the cases are beautiful.
I was gifted this Tokidoki from my friend, Hazel.  I love browns and neutral tones, so this gets a lot of use.

I have several pots of eyeshadow. The ones in the black are from Paula's Choice. The rest are handmade indie brands!  Madison Street Beauty, Wishful Bath and Beauty (FEVERshadow), and BFTE Cosmetics are the ones I have. My favorite is Wishful Bath and Beauty.
So, that's my stash!  Pretty small, but I plan on growing it. It all fits nicely in my medicine cabinet.

So have at it!  Tell me what works for you or what products you think I might benefit from !  Also, let me know if you are interested in a more in depth post about Paula's Choice and my skin care battle.


Kelly Ruiz said...

Oh, your stash looks a lot like mine! I love Clinique mascara too!

Cosmetic Sanctuary said...

You have some amazing essentials in your collection!

Destany Pingle said...

i have that tokidoki from my friend summer!! :)

Ashley Haddock said...

Nice stash! I'd love to hear more about Paula's Choice!

Jen Sky Walker said...

I think I just fell even more in love with you! I absolutely love Paula's Choice for my skin care, and I generally won't use anything else! :D

Sarah Eubanks said...

I want to try Paula's Choice so bad!!
i'd love a post about it! Do you have dry skin or oily? (mine is dry) I'd love recc's!!

Lizzy O. TheDIYLady said...

Pretty stash. My Real Technique Brush is one of my favorite! I keep going back to the expert face brush. SO lovely.

Kerrie Black said...

I love stash posts! I want to try the real Techinique brushes as they have just come into our drugstores!

loveforlacquer said...

This was my favorite post ever! Love your stash!

Erin Obriecht said...

Great post! I love Urban Decay's eye primer. It's like super glue. I use bare minerals primer under my bare minerals powder and I really love it. I just got my first real Techniques brush and it's amazing. I need the whole set.

Taneja's Bride said...

Grabby hands! Love your selections! That's what makes a great stash - not quantity! :)

the_lacquerologist said...

Fun to take a peek into your stash! I'm not a huge make-up girl...I love wearing it, but I'm a minimal, drug-store girl, but I'd love to branch out!

the_lacquerologist said...

Fun to take a peek into your stash! I'm not a huge make-up girl...I love wearing it, but I'm a minimal, drug-store girl, but I'd love to branch out!

Anna Freedman said...

I love these kinds of posts!

My favorite eye shadow primer has got to be Too Faced. They have them in a few different shades too. I use the nude one. They are a pricier brand but I've had the same tube forever! I'm like you, I'm not good at using primer all of the time.

Christina from Adventures in Polishland said...

I love stash posts! Looks like you have some great stuff! I really need to get some Real Techniques brushes.

Toria Mason said...

I'd love to hear more about Paula's Choice. My favorite Youtube guru (Vintage or Tacky) has raved about them and I'd love to start trying skincare products, so I'd love to hear more.


Danielle said...

Is it bad that I am most envious of your makeup brushes? They're fabulous!

Leslie @ work / play / polish said...

Awesome post! I'm searching for a good primer. Let me know when you find one!!! I currently use Obagi Nuderm for skincare. It's pricey, but it has completely madeover my complection!