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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Elevation Polish Spam Post-11 Polishes!

I have been swatching a lot of polish and posting on IG, but not really blogging about it. So, I was going to do a polish spam post, and then I realized as I looked through the pictures, that I had a TON of swatch photos of +Elevation Polish  ALONE!  OMG. So I am giving you a massive Elevation Polish swatch post tonight!  None of the following polishes have been blogged about, but all of them have been seen on my Instagram. 
I won't be wordy tonight, just picture heavy. :)  
Denali:  a purple with blue duo chrome. 
Denali macro!
Mt. Cangyan:  I have seen fantastic swatch photos of this polish, but for some reason, I couldn't pull the complexity of this polish into the photos.  It is a stunner!  Purple with red and gold shimmer.

Macro of Mt. Cangyan.
Pic Du Gar: This goes into my MUST-HAVE stash!  A berry colored jelly that was opaque in two coats and defies pictures. In each picture, the color came out different.  One of my favorites!

Jengish Chokusu: How does one describe this color?!  A Tiffany blue with green leanings?  It is a cream and took two coats. 
Guangshan:  A yellow and holo glitter in a clearish base.  The base has a ton of shimmer. I used this over one of three blues I have in this shade-Dior Electric Blue, Indigo Bananas Klein Trink Wasser or Sinful Shine Most Sinful.
Base Camp SBP with Jengish Chokusu and Haba Xueshan:  Base Camp was a Small Batch Prototype and is a grey jelly. It is thin and takes at least three coats.  Haba Xueshan is a black and white and mint glitter in a clear base.

 Macro shot!
 If you're into reds, this is a must have... Toubkal is a favorite among many bloggers.  I can see why. A burgundy jelly with gold glitter, it is a breeze to put on and good in two coats.
 Now discontinued, Ubsunur, is a blue with blackened edges that is opaque in two coats.
I have been eyeballing Owen since I first heard of Elevation Polish.  It took a backseat for a long time in favor of newer and crazier polishes.  Once I put it on, I was floored by the beauty of it and amazed that I had waited so long.
 Nail Art with three of EP's scattered holos: Echinops, I Got the Axe, and Dykh-Tau.

 Rapa Nui might get overlooked, but it has a pretty subtle pink shimmer in its blue/green base.
 That's it for Elevation Polish swatch spam!  The great thing about Elevation Polish is she has something for everyone.  From shimmer to holo, glitter to duo chrome, it's all there in her shop.
You can buy Elevation Polish at
Most of her polishes retail for $8-$10. She restocks on the 7th and 22nd of each month.
You can also visit her blog for updates at I Love Brown Nail Polish.
Elevation Polish is also available at Llarowe.

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