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Thursday, August 15, 2013

KB Shimmer Partial Fall Collection!

     I'm not gonna lie.  I am so flipping excited to be able to show you four polishes from the new Fall Collection from KB Shimmer!  I have been a fan of KB Shimmer since I bought my first polishes from her in Oct 2011-one month after I started blogging. I feel like this brings my fan-girl moment full-circle.
     On to the collection!  There are seven polishes in the Fall Collection which are set to release Sept 1, 2013.  Here is a bottle shot of the four I will be reviewing:
L-R: Vicious Circles, You Go Ghoul!, Excuse Me, I Blurpled, Turbulence
Vicious Circles-A blood red jelly loaded with silver holographic circles in two sizes, silver holographic hex glitters and holographic silver micro slices.  This jelly polish works best in three thin coats, but those with shorter nails might get away with two.  
I found KB Shimmer's description to be pretty accurate, except I used two thicker coats. That's just how I do my nails and what works for me.  The glitter flowed out smoothly and the jelly base was opaque in two coats.  The glitter laid flat and spread out evenly on the nail.
I am not a red polish person, and I can say that Vicious Circles is in my stash to stay!  I love the vividness of the red jelly and I also love the holo glitter in it. I could not stop staring at my nail all day!
Here are a couple of close-ups of Vicious Circles. I loved it so much, I am wearing it on my toes!
I did use one coat of Gelous and a coat of Glisten and Glow Top coat to smooth it out.
You Go Ghoul!- This Halloween polish is one that you will wear year round.  A Black jelly sparkles with glitter in grape, berry and orange for a polish even a witch could love.  Best in two coats over black or three coats alone.
The description is spot on.  I used three coats on its own and it built up easily.  This one is chock full of glitter! I thought I might have too much glitter coming out, but it spread so well and laid flat so it wasn't an issue at all.  The glitter in the layers gave it great depth.
I love the flashes of orange and grape in this polish!  While it is a Halloween polish, it is subtle and can easily be worn at any time!
Once again, I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Glisten and Glow Top Coat.
Here are a couple of macro shots.  Check out the amazing colors!
In this macro, you can see what might have escaped you in the other pictures-very fine hairy glitter!  It is so small and fine, you don't even realize it is on your brush!  I love the way it looks!
Excuse me, I Blurpled- A shade not quite blue, not quite purple shade with glitters in many shades of blue, purple, with a hint of copper.  Best in two coats.
First of all...THE NAME!!!  The name is awesome!  Secondly, I love anything blurple.  I knew immediately upon seeing this that I would love it.  I was right.
I used two coats and this polish had flawless application.  When I call a polish flawless, I mean it goes above and beyond what you expect.  This was so smooth and easy.
To me, there is nothing like a fuchsia glitter in a blurple base to get me going!  What surprised me were the copper glitters!  They give an unexpected twist to this polish.
Here are a couple of macro shots to show you the details in the polish.
I love this one and highly recommend it!
My last polish to show you is Turbulence.  Here is the description given by KB Shimmer:
Turbulence- A satin matte finish slate grey polish inspired by storm clouds.  Silver flakes are surrounded by micro blue and fuchsia sparks inspired by lightning and rain.  Best in two coats.
All I can say about that description is, "Yes, please!"  I love gray polishes and the reason is because of rain and thunder and lightning!  So I find it ironic and awesome to be reviewing a polish that is actually inspired by the very things that make me love gray!  Turbulence was 2-3 coats and easy to put on.  I love that it dries matte!  It looks amazing matted or top coated.
The silver, blue and fuchsia really come alive when top coat is applied; but I love that it is not lost in its matte form.
Here are two macro shots...
Look at this!

I loved all four that I reviewed.  I also plan on picking up Teal Another Tail, and Every Nook and Cranberry!
Additional colors in the collection:
Teal Another Tail-A dusty green polish with a strong pink almost duo-chrome shimmer...
You Autumn Know-A white crelly polish loaded with fuchsia, gold, and orange glitters. Micro bars accent the all palette of this polish....
Every Nook and Cranberry-A cranberry satin matte polish with a subtle pink and gold shimmer. This polish with its blue undertones is one that will work on many skin tones...

KB Shimmer Fall Collection is set to launch Sept 1, 2013.
You can buy from her website at or from for international orders.
Polishes retail for $8.75 or $9 respectively.
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Erin Obriecht said...

Vicious Circles is killer on you! Great swatches!

Maile said...

FABULOUS SWATCHES! I love the jellies (well..they're jelly to me) soooo much!

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Taneja's Bride said...

Your swatches are AMAZEBALLS! <3

DJ Murphy said...

Your swatches look fabulous! You captured You Go Ghoul so beautifully--you can really see that glitter shining from within!

Chantel said...

Wow pretty shades. Thanks for the swatches.

Lisa Heath said...

These look fabulous on you!! Excuse Me, I Blurpled is amazing!

Sarah Eubanks said...

This is such a epic collection, and great swatches!!

loveforlacquer said...

Unbelievable swatches!!!!!

paintednailsandbakingscales said...

I am loving all of these new KBShimmers, they are stunning. Fab swatches

the_lacquerologist said...

Beautiful swatches!! You Go Ghoul looks so outstanding on you!

Christina from Adventures in Polishland said...

It is so hard choosing which polish I like more here! They are too pretty.

Leslie @ work / play / polish said...

Beautiful swatches!!!