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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Model City Polish Halloween Collection-Debuts Saturday!

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Tonight I get to show you the new Halloween Collection from Model City Polish!  Yes, it is getting to be that time of year again!  Are you excited?  
These three polishes are set to go live Saturday, August 31st at 12 noon CDT!  Nina, the maker behind Model City Polish, has made scented and unscented versions.  The new trio consists of Witch's Brew, The Great Pumpkin Massacre, and Bobbing For Apples.

Witch's Brew is a blue, black, purple, green, and purple hex glitters in a clear base.  If you buy the scented version, it will smell like fruit punch!  I chose to layer Witch's Brew over Sinful Colors Amazonian.

 I only needed one coat of Witch's Brew as plenty of glitter came out on the first swipe!  I have never used a Model City Polish before this and wasn't sure what to expect.  What I got was great application and smooth glitters!  Glitter spread evenly and smoothed out with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Glisten and Glow Top Coat.
 Here is my macro shot of Witch's Brew.  The glitter combination is beautiful!
 The 2nd in the Halloween Trio is The Great Pumpkin Massacre.  This one has orange and black glitter along with orange holographic glitter in a clear base.  If you buy the scented version, it will smell like pumpkin bread!  Mmmmmm.....  I layered The Great Pumpkin Massacre over Milani Rapid Orchid.
 As with all three of the polishes in the collection, The Great Pumpkin Massacre had no issues. The glitter spread well and evenly, laying flat against the nail. I have to say that I LOVED the holo orange glitters. Those make the polish SING!
 Here is a macro shot of The Great Pumpkin Massacre and the holo-ness!
 Lastly, I have  Bobbing For Apples.  This amazing glitter topper is tiny iridescent glitter, large red circles, and two sizes of red holo glitters. If you get the scented version, it will smell like...Apples!  I layered this over Elevation Polish Freeway Park.
 I used one coat of Bobbing For Apples and it spread very well and gave me no issues. All three polishes had great consistency and spread well!  I am very happy with the quality of the Model City Polishes I was able to try.   Bobbing For Apples was my favorite of the bunch and I just love it paired with an apple green!  I am also a sucker for large circle glitters, so this polish is a must have!  An added bonus was that large circles came out plentifully and on each nail. I did not fish for any of them and you can see that there was more than one on each nail. 
 Macro shot of the delicious Bobbing For Apples
Model City Polish retails for $8-$9 each.  The Halloween Collection makes its debut August 31 at 12 noon CDT!  
Buy them in her Etsy shop!
Read her blog for updates!
More media outlets for Model City Polish:
Facebook: Model City Polish
Instagram: (at) ModelCityPolish
Twitter: Model City Polish
Pinterest: Model City Polish


Jen Sky Walker said...

These are lovely! I'm intrigued with Witches Brew and Bobbing for Apples.

DJ Murphy said...

Oooh fun!!! These are great Halloween polishes :) This is definitely getting me excited for fall-love it!

Toria Mason said...

Halloween fever hit me hard the other day! I've already decided what I want to be and even started working on some craft decorations! :D

These are lovely and the fact that they're scented is adorable! I'd love The Great Pumpkin Massacre!

- Toria

choperena said...

Pumpkin is divine!

Cosmetic Sanctuary said...

LOVE Witch's Brew! Beautiful swatches!!

Taneja's Bride said...

LOVE THESE! Your macro shots are to die for! <3