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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Maya Cosmetics New Fall Collection!

*Press Sample*
Maya Cosmetics is coming out with some fantastic fall polish on Friday, Sept 27!  There are five new permanent colors and two One Batch Wonders.  The One Batch Wonders are exactly what the name implies-there's only one batch and they are very limited!  Maya Cosmetics has also come out with a new top coat that is fast drying and will normally be $4 per bottle.  Also happening is a COUPON CODE from the 27th-30th!!!  Use code FALLSPECIAL for 25% off entire purchases!  Can you believe that deal?!  
So let's get started on these new polishes!  
Stargazing: This is a deep blue jelly with silver microglitter.  This looks a lot like a night sky!
Stargazing was my absolute favorite of the bunch!  I used 2-3 coats.  Two is plenty, but use three for more depth.  Application was flawless.

En Fuego:  Muted orange jelly with gold, orange, and bronze glitter and a subtle scattered holo.
I used two easy coats and the glitter suspended nicely and evenly.  I had no issues whatsoever and I think any orange lover will need this one!  I smoothed this out with Maya Cosmetics' new top coat and it went on smoothly and dried fairly quickly!
Glitter Is The New Black:  Black jelly base with a myriad of micro glitter-black silver, silver holo, pink, purple, and orange.
Glitter is the New Black had a somewhat thick consistency that is to be expected with micro glitters, but it went on easily and dried quickly.  I only needed two coats and it went on evenly.  It was top coat hungry and I used a layer of Gelous and topped it off with a coat of Maya Cosmetics top coat.

Crush is one of the One Batch Wonders.  It is a blue jelly base with pink, purple, and blue flakes.  (Stay tuned for a full-sized bottle of this to be a prize in a giveaway!)
Crush is a must have!   I failed to really capture the details that are in this polish, but the depth of the micro flakes in the jelly is amazing!  It went on in only two coats and it went on smoothly.  I loved this one!

Gypsy  is a gray/olive base with gold flecks, gold shimmer, and scattered blue, pink and purple flecks.  
I used two easy coats and had no issues. I didn't quite see any gray in it, rather I saw green and brown.  This is a stunning polish and perfect for fall!

Hematite is another One Batch Wonder.   It is a gray metallic polish.
I used two coats although if you are careful, you might be able to do just one. It is quite opaque and changes the darkness of the gray in different lighting.

Cosmic is a dark gray base with green-red shimmer, blue, silver, gold and gunmetal small and micro glitters and subtle scattered holo.
I used three thin coats for this one and the patience paid off.  The blue glitters in this are what really make this polish sing!  They play off the green base perfectly!

Overall another winning collection from Kat!  My top two favorites were Stargazing and Crush! These polishes come out this Friday, Sept 27!  Polishes are regularly priced at $9.50 and the top coat at $4, but don't forget the coupon code for 25% off  FALLSPECIAL!   This code is good from Sept 27-30!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

SoFlaJo Blue Racer-From the New Halloween Collection!

*Press  Sample*
Tonight I have one of the new polishes from SoFlaJo's Halloween Collection-A Snake on the Hand is Worth Two on the Toes!  The collection consists of five slithery polishes ready to adorn your fingers!  
I get to review a true beauty-Blue Racer. 
 Blue Racer is a duochrome that changes from black to blue to deep purple and has some glittery sparkle in pink and gold.  I used 2-3 coats of this and it applied very easily.
 The macro says it all.
 Here are some indoor shots under an Ott light.  You can really see the blue part of the duochrome here.
 And a two finger macro...

You can buy SoFlaJo polishes from the SoFlaJo Website.  If you buy off of her website (NOT the Etsy one,) it is only $2 shipping flat rate PER ORDER in the USA!  For international, it is a flat rate of only $10 PER ORDER!  That is amazing!
Full sized bottles are $10.
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Literary Lacquers New Collection-Literary Liquors

*Press Sample*
Tonight I have a new collection from our book loving indie maker-Literary Lacquers.  Amy has made a collection entitled Literary Liquors.  Here is what she has to say...
The collection is called Literary Liquors and it consists of 5 holos and 1 glitter top coat. It's being launched on September 5 at 12:00 pm MDT. Full size bottles are $10 each and the entire collection will be available at a discounted price of $55.
I'm Drinking Stars - Champagne linear holo, opaque at 3 coats or a fabulous holo top coat at one coat over pretty much anything, this is not a golden champagne, but a neutral pale taupe. Inspired by Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins

 I used four coats with no base color.  It went on very well and layered well. It is on the thinner side, which enables it to be layered easily.  It is a very nice nude holo; I might even call it a transluscent holo.
 It really does remind me of champagne!

 Dandelion Wine - Mustard golden yellow holo with orangey-pinky color shift, I'm describing this as the color that you remember summer as when you look back after the weather has gotten cold. Inspired by Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury
Dandelion Wine was two easy coats.  I love the pink shimmer running through it!  I am not usually a fan of yellows, but this one has some great qualities to it!  I love that it is only a two coater and I love he pink!
You can really see the pink here.

 Jack Rose - Warm coppery brown holo, kind of the color of magical apple cider. Inspired by The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway
Jack Rose was one of my favorites.  It is a soft copper color with a nice linear holo.  I used three coats to cover VNL.
I couldn't get a great shot of the holo in my light box, but it is there.  This is a fantastic fall color!

 Two At the Very Most - Martini top coat - Black hexes, white squares, gunmetal hexes, silver chrome hexes so shiny that they reflect light like a disco ball, a touch of holographic microglitter and added green circle glitters (for the olives, of course!) This polish is inspired by the martini, literature's most beloved cocktail. The name refers to the quatrain attributed to Dorothy Parker.
I used one coat of Two at the Very Most over Jack Rose.  It went on very nicely and I had no issues.  The glitter laid flat and spread well.
 Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster - Hmmm... I'm just not really sure how to describe this specific shade of blue. It's a rich blue (that's also a little on the warm side but not so much that I'd call it teal) holo with added holo glitter. Inspired by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
My other favorite in the collection!  Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is a fantastic blue/teal holo.  I used three coats for depth, but you can get away with two.
The holo is amazing as is the added glitter holo!

 Strawberry Ice Cream Soma - Warm pink crelly holo - I call this one of my "office holos." Indoors, it's a shimmery pink with a touch of purple shimmer, in the sun or bright light a full linear holo rainbow emerges. Inspired by Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
Do you want something office friendly and super girly and soft?  Strawberry Ice Cream Soma is just the one for you.  I used three coats for opacity and it layered well with no issues.  In most light, it is a pretty soft pink.  When you get it out in the sun, that gorgeous linear holo comes out to play!

This collection is available NOW!
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