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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Elevation Polish November Naughty By Nature Collection

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I don't know about you, but I am just giddy about Elevation Polish's restock on Nov 7.  We have all waited an extra month for the monthly restock and now it is here!  
  Tonight I have the 2013 Naughty by Nature Collection to show you!  This new collection will be available on the 7th and you do NOT want to miss this! There are some great things going on in this collection! First of all there, is a linear holo that will make you drop your jaw, a gorgeous matte, and a stunning red cream.  But the real jaw dropper is that these are all WATER BASED!  I wasn't aware of that until after I had tried them all and I have to tell you that wear time was great!  Each of these Elevations wore the same amount of time as the other Elevations I have.
But enough talk...Let me show you the polishes!

Volcanic Dust is a darker red cream polish.  It was two flawless coats. It went on very well and even gave me a great line around my cuticle.  This is a high shine finish and I did not use top coat in these pictures.
Volcanic Dust also dried fast!  It takes a special red to hook me in and while the shade is darker than I like, the quality of this polish made it a slam dunk for me!

Black Ice is a matte polish. It is a charcoal gray with silver shimmer.
I used 2 coats and noticed it was thicker than the others. I find this to be true with most mattes and it did not affect the application.
I love the silver shimmer that runs through it and is even obvious without top coat!
Here is Black Ice with top coat.
Hold onto your hats for this next one. I declare that this one will sell out quickly!  Darkest Storm is a strong linear holo and it is a gorgeous almost navy blue!
This is hands down, my favorite in the collection!  I used two flawless coats and had zero issues.
The holo is super strong, but you can still see the base color through it!
I went overboard with the pics, but do you blame me?!

Naked Night Sky is a good one for those jelly glitter lovers!  It is a taupe jelly base with periwinkle, white, sage and silver glitters in it.
I used three coats and had no issues!  Not a lot of glitter comes out with each coat and I find that to be the ideal with a jelly glitter as they usually need three coats and if it is too packed with glitter, you end up with too much glitter and not enough base color.  With Naked Night Sky, you have the perfect amount of glitter coming out, so that at the end, you are left with a perfect manicure.
Pitaraq is a layering polish.  It is an iridescent mixture of blue, white and silver micro glitter and flakes in a clear base.  I layered it over black.
Again, I had no issues with Pitaraq.
The macro shot says it all.
Forest of the Fog is a crelly polish with flakes in it.  I would call the base a teal-blue/green base.  You can actually see the green on the outer edges of the manicure when you wear it!  The flakes are a blue and violet.  I had a hard time capturing them, but they are there!
 Forest of the Fog was on the thicker side. I had to be careful when applying it, but it was worth the effort.   I also noticed that the base was too dark to really notice he depth of the blue/green.

My must haves for this collection are Volcanic Dust, Black Ice and Darkest Storm! 
You can buy Elevation Polish at
Most of her polishes retail for $8-$10. She restocks on the 7th and 22nd of each month.
You can also visit her blog for updates at I Love Brown Nail Polish.
Elevation Polish is also available at Llarowe.

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