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Friday, October 25, 2013

Jindie Nails Halloween 2013 Collection!

*Press Sample*
Jindie Nails has come out with a Halloween 2013 Collection that you really need to see!  There are five in the collection, so let's get to it!
Be-Wear the Polish is a glitter topper.  It reminds me of nighttime with colors that aren't necessarily the first ones you think of when you see Halloween, but are still Halloween colors nonetheless!  A mix of lavender, black, neon green, and white make up the amazingness of Be-Wear the Polish.  
I put Be-Wear the Polish over Colors by Llarowe Thriller.  I only needed one coat and it was flawless. The glitters came out plentiful but not too much!  I had no clumping and it layered well.  I did fish out certain shapes-moons and stars.  They were very easy to get out.
I have to add that the new mini bottles that Jindie has are amazing!  I was one of the people that did not like the old mini bottles, and these are a 150 degree turnaround!  The brush is able to scrape the sides of the bottle and the skinny, long mini bottles are easy to use and not awkward!  WIN!
 Blood, Bath and Beyond is a red jelly with holo circle glitter!
I used two coats and a perfect amount of glitter came out.  I find that when layering jellies, you need 2-3 coats to make the base opaque. I love when there aren't as any glitters, because with each layer, you get more glitter. If you have too much glitter, it can look like a cluttered mess. With less glitter, you get the perfect amount of glitter when you are done layering! Blood, Bath and Beyond has a perfect amount!
I love how well the glitter shows through!
Pink Punkin is a orangey-yellow base with pink, orange and white matte glitters. 
I used two coats and the glitters came out plentifully.  I had no issues.

Ghosts of Candy Corn Past is a tinted soft peach base. It has a mix of matte glitters in it of orange, yellow, and black.
I used two easy coats and had no issues.

There Are No Seasons in Indie is a pale yellow base with orange, fuchsia, and various other glitters in it.
I used two coats and found that the glitter comes out in abundance, so care is needed to get a base coat down first.

You can buy from her own website: 
The polishes retail from $8-$11 apiece.

She is also available at these retailers:
Ninja Polish
Mei Mei's Signatures
 Harlow & Co
Femme Fatale Cosmetics 
Norway Nails 
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Marnie said...

It's hard to pick a favorite. I might just have to buy all the Jindie's. She is one of my many favorites.