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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Paintbox Polish's Partial Women of Harry Potter Collection Debuts Black Friday!

*Press Sample*
Get out your wallets!  I am excited to show you some swatches from a "new-to-me" indie brand who will be debuting her new collection on Black Friday!  Paint Box Polish has a six piece collection inspired by the women of Harry Potter!  Tonight, I am going to review three of them. 

Read to the end to get a code for 20% off-good until the end of the year!

Little Bit Different-  Luna Lovegood never brought a fully formed image to my mind, but an ethereal color.  Her polish is a royal blue base with a blue-red-gold multichrome shift and purple & blue shimmer.  Can be worn alone with two-three thin coats or layered.
Little Bit Different is a multichrome polish that changes from blue to purple to red at extreme angles. I didn't see the gold shift though.  It also has the added bonus of blue shimmer!  I used four coats for opacity and had no issues with the consistency or application.
I love that I can see each of the color shifts easily!

In this macro shot, you can see the shimmer much better.
Brains and Bravery - inspired by Emma Watson's portrayal of Hermoine.  Tough, brave, but still feminine.  A grey creme peppered with medium pink glitter that is opaque in two-three coats.
Brains and Bravery is a light grey cream with rose pink hex glitter.  I am always on the lookout for a great grey and pink combination polish.
I used three coats and the base and glitter came out in perfect amounts.  I had no issues with application, although I do wish the cream base was a crelly, so that I could see the first two layers of rose hexes.  On the other hand, it is still a quite beautiful polish!
Slightly Unstable - This is a black crelly polish with a green-yellow-silver shift and scattered holo particles.  Just like Bellatrix Lestrange, this polish is just a little bit crazy. But beautiful. Two easy coats.
This was my favorite of the three polishes I tried! It is a blackened green base with a subtle brown shift change. I did not see the silver, but in my macro shot, you can see the yellow at the edges of the nail.  It also has a subtle holo effect!  This polish was..BUTTER.  Application reminded me a little of A England-smooth and easy and opaque.  It was a dream to put on and I only needed two coats, although my pinkie has one coat.
I wore Slighty Unstable for three days before grudgingly taking it off.  This is a must have!

Paint Box Polish are three free and cruelty free.  Polishes are tested extensively by the maker.  Paint Box Polish follows specific recipes for each lacquer, but slight variations may still occur.

Full sized bottles retail for $9 and minis are $4.  However if you use my special discount code of THINGSILOVE20, you can get 20% off now through the end of the year!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Alter Ego Nail Enamel- Chocolatier and Air Transport Auxiliary Pilot

*Press Sample*
Tonight I have a couple of Alter Ego Nail Enamel polishes. The owner, Cynthia, has been in her work space developing a new base for her polishes that won't make them as thick as the past polishes were.   She has also been creating new polishes as well!  Tonight, I have two of her new polishes with the new base to review for you.

Here is Cynthia's description of Chocolatier:
As soon as I saw this I thought of smooth, creamy melted milk chocolate. A fine pearlized shimmer with just a hint of gold. 
I used two coats of Chocolatier and it went on fluidly and easily.  This polish did have a thinner consistency than past polishes and was-as a result- much easier to use.  Chocolatier dries to a matte finish and you can see that here in the first picture.
Here is a macro shot of Chocolatier without top coat.  It reminds me of Hershey's milk chocolate! (Yes, I want to lick my nails.)
In my review pack was a top coat called She Shines.   I used She Shines to top coat Chocolatier and while it didn't dry as fast as Seche Vite or Maya Top Coat, it had a decent dry time.  Consistency of She Shines was great and more on the thin side.  I found that it dried to a more satin finish as opposed to a glossy finish, which I thought worked perfectly for the Alter Ego Enamels which are mainly all matte finishes.
Chocolatier really stands out with a top coat.
I decided to do a bit of nail art using Chocolatier and the original Beach Comber.
I love how blue and brown look together!  And here you can see the new top coat-She Shines.

This next polish has a story.  It is called Air Transport Auxiliary Pilots...
The history of the Air Transport Auxiliary Pilots is quite the story! In 1940 two women, trained pilots, petitioned the US to fly non-combat missions to free up the men for combat. Even with Eleanor Roosevelt lobbying on their behalf they were turned down, so these gals went to England & joined their Air Transport Auxiliary! They were the first American women to do so.  They flew the Royal Air Force's front-line aircraft in non-combat roles but in combat-like positions. How cool is that?! 
This enamel has a blue base with bronze, black, silver & white .004 glitter.
Air Transport Auxiliary Pilots (or ATAP for short)  was two coats and went on my nail easily and covered smoothly.  With many micro glitters, I get tiny glitters everywhere when applying.  Not with ATAP!  I had no issues and it went where I wanted it to!  I only had a couple of stray glitters.
The glitter is gritty, so I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.
I love the holo micro glitters!
 Please remember that the base does settle upon standing.  Just shake the bottle for a couple of minutes before using.
Alter Ego Nail Enamel retails for $8.50 in her shop. 
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

KB Shimmer 2013 Winter Collection-partial Blogger Collection

*Press Sample*
Tonight, I have five of the eleven polishes from the blogger collaboration from KB Shimmer!  She just recently came out with a whopping 22 polishes for her Winter 2013 Collection. These make up half of that collection.
Green Hex and Glam was the idea of Kayla from Kayla Shevonne.  It is a forest green jelly with a good amount of silver holo hexes in different sizes.  
I did not expect to love this as much as I did!  I used 2-3 coats and it layered beautifully.   I had no issues with any aspect of this polish.
I loved the way the silver holo glitters caught the light.  It attracted my attention all day!
This polish was the surprise in the collection for me! A must have and a definite keeper!
The macro shot speaks volumes, I think! Look at the depth of the polish and the shimmer and glitter!
When I saw bottle shots of the blogger collaboration, Will Yule Marry Me? by The Nail Network jumped out at me! I love a polish that has a formal romantic look.  I also loved the story behind it.  Chelsea from The Nail Network was proposed to last season and the holo is for the diamonds in her engagement ring and the holo circles are for the round cut diamond she was given! So romantic...   
Will Yule Marry Me? was everything it promised me it would be from the bottle shots. The navy blue base is tinted a bit gray, and it went on flawlessly. I used two coats and had an easy time getting glitter out. I did not need to fish for the circles either.
This reminds me of a magical winter wonderland!  This is a must have!
I follow Let Them Have Polish on several media outlets and was excited to try on this polish collaboration that she had with KB Shimmer!  I have been told that Cristina loves to celebrate a pink Christmas!  Merry Pinkmas is everything you would want if you love girly pinks and want to incorporate it in your holiday season!
I used three coats of Merry Pinkmas and a lot of glitter came out, but not a lot of base coat. I actually was wiping some of the glitter back into the bottle.    The base is a pink crelly and the glitters are red, green, pink, white and yellow.

Macro shot!  What a unique take on Christmas!
Strung Out is the polish that Candy Coated Tips collaborated on.  It is a great take on Christmas lights!
It is a black jelly base with circle glitter in it the color of lights on a Christmas tree!  An added touch, is the micro glitter in the same colors.
I used three coats and found that extra care was needed so that the large circles did not get hung up on each other. I found it best to wait between coats before applying the next coat, that way the brush would not take glitter that was already applied off the nail on the second or third swipe.
I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Maya Top Coat to finish it off.  I LOVE the look of this polish!
I was pretty excited to see Snow Much Fun by The Manicurator!  I have been a fan of her blog for awhile.  Snow Much Fun is a playful polish!  It is a sky blue jelly base with matte white glitter in hexes, circles, and....SNOWFLAKES!
I used 2-3 coats for coverage and had easy application.  I fished for the first snowflake, but then got several coming out on their own afterwards! The surprise bonus? Added shimmer!
The snowflakes do stick up a bit on the nail, but shouldn't interfere too much with every day life. 

You can buy from the KB Shimmer website at or from for international orders.
Polishes retail for $8.75.
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

KB Shimmer 2013 Winter Collection-Multichrome Holos!

Have you seen the amazing swatches of the new multi chrome holos that KB Shimmer has in her new 22 piece 2013 Winter Collection?  Out of the 22, seven are multi chrome and three of those are linear holos!  I have three of these to show you today...
 Myth You Lots shifts from purple to blue to red/orange.  You can see all of those colors in my photos.  It also has a superb linear holo in the sun as well!  I used three coats and had no issues.
 The base color when in the sun is mainly purple.

 At this extreme angle, it even looks black!
 Once you get Myth You Lots in the shade, you can see the stunning layers  of color!
 Under artificial lighting, the linear effect is still there.
 At an  extreme angle, you can see a little bit of red/orange.

 Rollin' With the Chromies is a multi chrome linear holo polish as well!  The color shifts were very easy to capture and I was able to get them for you to see!
Under artificial lighting
 Rollin' With the Chromies shifts from a teal to a purple to a red-orange.  The linear holo is so strong, that I was even able to capture it under artificial lighting.
Under artificial lighting
 In the sun, the linear holo sings.  The blue color of the multi chrome is more prominent when in the sun as well.
In Sun
In Sun
 Pardon all the pictures, I had a hard time saying no to pictures!
In Sun
 In the shade, the holo effect disappears and you can focus on the beautiful multi chrome.  From purple to blue...
In outdoor shade to red, this polish is not boring!
In outdoor shade
macro shot in sun
Maybe Navy is a navy blue base with purple shimmer.  Or is it a purple base with navy blue shimmer?!  Either way this duochrome crelly has the coveted blackened edges when applied.
 The purple (or is it navy?) glitter really sparkles in the sun!
 I used three smooth and easy coats to make Maybe Navy opaque.  I top coated with Maya Top Coat.
So what did you think of these multi chromes?  My favorite was Rollin' With the Chromies! But I think they were all worth having!
You can buy from the KB Shimmer website at or from for international orders.
Polishes retail for $8.75.
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