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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Alter Ego Nail Enamel- Chocolatier and Air Transport Auxiliary Pilot

*Press Sample*
Tonight I have a couple of Alter Ego Nail Enamel polishes. The owner, Cynthia, has been in her work space developing a new base for her polishes that won't make them as thick as the past polishes were.   She has also been creating new polishes as well!  Tonight, I have two of her new polishes with the new base to review for you.

Here is Cynthia's description of Chocolatier:
As soon as I saw this I thought of smooth, creamy melted milk chocolate. A fine pearlized shimmer with just a hint of gold. 
I used two coats of Chocolatier and it went on fluidly and easily.  This polish did have a thinner consistency than past polishes and was-as a result- much easier to use.  Chocolatier dries to a matte finish and you can see that here in the first picture.
Here is a macro shot of Chocolatier without top coat.  It reminds me of Hershey's milk chocolate! (Yes, I want to lick my nails.)
In my review pack was a top coat called She Shines.   I used She Shines to top coat Chocolatier and while it didn't dry as fast as Seche Vite or Maya Top Coat, it had a decent dry time.  Consistency of She Shines was great and more on the thin side.  I found that it dried to a more satin finish as opposed to a glossy finish, which I thought worked perfectly for the Alter Ego Enamels which are mainly all matte finishes.
Chocolatier really stands out with a top coat.
I decided to do a bit of nail art using Chocolatier and the original Beach Comber.
I love how blue and brown look together!  And here you can see the new top coat-She Shines.

This next polish has a story.  It is called Air Transport Auxiliary Pilots...
The history of the Air Transport Auxiliary Pilots is quite the story! In 1940 two women, trained pilots, petitioned the US to fly non-combat missions to free up the men for combat. Even with Eleanor Roosevelt lobbying on their behalf they were turned down, so these gals went to England & joined their Air Transport Auxiliary! They were the first American women to do so.  They flew the Royal Air Force's front-line aircraft in non-combat roles but in combat-like positions. How cool is that?! 
This enamel has a blue base with bronze, black, silver & white .004 glitter.
Air Transport Auxiliary Pilots (or ATAP for short)  was two coats and went on my nail easily and covered smoothly.  With many micro glitters, I get tiny glitters everywhere when applying.  Not with ATAP!  I had no issues and it went where I wanted it to!  I only had a couple of stray glitters.
The glitter is gritty, so I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.
I love the holo micro glitters!
 Please remember that the base does settle upon standing.  Just shake the bottle for a couple of minutes before using.
Alter Ego Nail Enamel retails for $8.50 in her shop. 
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cynthia decker said...

Thank you for your honest & thorough review, I am eternally grateful for your hard work! Your photos are spectacular & your manis are perfection! I am so happy to see my re-formulation now allows for artwork, your vision is gorgeous :)

Toria Mason said...

Chocolatier is pretty, really does look like chocolate!

Shannon Kalsow said...

Alter Ego ON SALE NOW!