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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

KB Shimmer 2013 Winter Collection-Multichrome Holos!

Have you seen the amazing swatches of the new multi chrome holos that KB Shimmer has in her new 22 piece 2013 Winter Collection?  Out of the 22, seven are multi chrome and three of those are linear holos!  I have three of these to show you today...
 Myth You Lots shifts from purple to blue to red/orange.  You can see all of those colors in my photos.  It also has a superb linear holo in the sun as well!  I used three coats and had no issues.
 The base color when in the sun is mainly purple.

 At this extreme angle, it even looks black!
 Once you get Myth You Lots in the shade, you can see the stunning layers  of color!
 Under artificial lighting, the linear effect is still there.
 At an  extreme angle, you can see a little bit of red/orange.

 Rollin' With the Chromies is a multi chrome linear holo polish as well!  The color shifts were very easy to capture and I was able to get them for you to see!
Under artificial lighting
 Rollin' With the Chromies shifts from a teal to a purple to a red-orange.  The linear holo is so strong, that I was even able to capture it under artificial lighting.
Under artificial lighting
 In the sun, the linear holo sings.  The blue color of the multi chrome is more prominent when in the sun as well.
In Sun
In Sun
 Pardon all the pictures, I had a hard time saying no to pictures!
In Sun
 In the shade, the holo effect disappears and you can focus on the beautiful multi chrome.  From purple to blue...
In outdoor shade to red, this polish is not boring!
In outdoor shade
macro shot in sun
Maybe Navy is a navy blue base with purple shimmer.  Or is it a purple base with navy blue shimmer?!  Either way this duochrome crelly has the coveted blackened edges when applied.
 The purple (or is it navy?) glitter really sparkles in the sun!
 I used three smooth and easy coats to make Maybe Navy opaque.  I top coated with Maya Top Coat.
So what did you think of these multi chromes?  My favorite was Rollin' With the Chromies! But I think they were all worth having!
You can buy from the KB Shimmer website at or from for international orders.
Polishes retail for $8.75.
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Paint Box Polish said...

I need to get Rollin' With The Chromies. No question!

Kimberley said...

These are really pretty!