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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nail Stamping with Vivid Lacquer Plates!

Tonight, I have a ton of nail stamping that has been sitting in the queue for awhile!  I used Vivid Lacquer stamping plates for all of them. You can find the link to buy each plate by clicking on the plate number. 

I used VL #002 with Milani black Swift over a Mod Lacquer polish.  This stamped easily and gave me no issues.
I used VL #008 for this fishnet look.  The lines stamped easily, but the inverted design, I needed to be careful with as the excess black leaked out into the line area.  I also wished the stamp had more lines intersecting.  I feel this was a little sparse.
I used SoFlaJo's new Limited Edition Christmas polishes for this manicure base.  For stamping, I used A England Excalibur to stamp with and VL #008 for the ornaments and the holly. I then dotted berries on the leaves.  I had no issues with either stamp.
I had a couple of older Cult Nails polishes sitting in my untrieds and I decided to stamp with them.  I used VL #021 and dotted on the pinkie nail.  Both stamps worked well, although I need to be more patient and make sure that I don't stamp crooked!  Cult Nails Faded did not stamp superbly, but I like the effect it gave. Same with My Kind of Cool-Aid. 
I found what may be another favorite stamp in the new VL stamping line!  From the VL #019 is this awesome-I don't even know what to call it!  It's like the outline of rainbows before they have their color!  Anyways, the base coat is Butter London Torch.
From VL #019 is a really nice scroll design.  I used a base coat of Cult Nails Love at First Sight.  I decided to use Colors by Llarowe Thriller for the stamping since they are so opaque.  I was thrilled to see that it worked!  I liked this design a lot, but wish the stamp were slightly smaller in design.

Parting Thoughts: I love the Vivid lacquer plates and find them all to be unique. 

Price: $8 each


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