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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate #010

~Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate #010~

I have become a huge fan of Vivid Lacquer's stamping plates.  Okay, maybe even a little obsessed.  I don't consider myself to be the greatest stamper, but her plates make it easy.
Today, I want to show you what I call the "camo plate," but you can find it in her Etsy shop under VL #010.

One of my favorite designs on this plate is the chevrons.  I used a base coat of a Milani Cream.  And then I topped it with Milani Black for the stripes.  The chevrons go on very well. I did have to make sure that it was lined up with my nail or it would look crooked.
On my other hand, I used a variety of the stamps on #010.  The leopard print, chevron, camo, and the argyle.  
I used the argyle in this manicure as well.  My one minor issue is that the skinnier lines in the stamp didn't always come out well. You can see that on my index finger.  Other than that, it is an amazing stamp for argyle!
The chevron is my favorite and one of the easiest to use, so I used it in this design as well. I stamped with A England Excalibur. It is great for stamping!
I love the leopard print too!  I used Sinful Colors black over this Indigo Bananas color!
Here is the other leopard print!  How cute are they?!
Aaahhhh, camo!  I have camo in my heart and to finally find not just a camo stamp, but a jumbo camo stamp was unreal!  You can see the variety of the camo I was able to put on this manicure. For a realistic look, I matted my nails.
The last stamp on the "camo plate" is what I call "water."  I stamped over Indigo Bananas Endless Nights with Colors by Llarowe Thriller.

Parting Thoughts: I loved this plate so much!  The designs are easy to use, even for a novice like me!

Price: $8 each


Instagram- @vividlacquer


Kelly Ruiz said...

Uhm, these are gorgeous! I can't pick a fave. But I love that green leopard print you did!

Christina from Adventures in Polishland said...

Wow! Your manicures are awesome! I can't pick a favorite!

Leslie @ work / play / polish said...

I Loooooove Vivid Lacquer's plates! Great manis!

Sammi Dyer said...

What color polish and brand did you use to create the Camo nails. Thanks so much!!