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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Model City Polish Halloween Collection-Debuts Saturday!

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Tonight I get to show you the new Halloween Collection from Model City Polish!  Yes, it is getting to be that time of year again!  Are you excited?  
These three polishes are set to go live Saturday, August 31st at 12 noon CDT!  Nina, the maker behind Model City Polish, has made scented and unscented versions.  The new trio consists of Witch's Brew, The Great Pumpkin Massacre, and Bobbing For Apples.

Witch's Brew is a blue, black, purple, green, and purple hex glitters in a clear base.  If you buy the scented version, it will smell like fruit punch!  I chose to layer Witch's Brew over Sinful Colors Amazonian.

 I only needed one coat of Witch's Brew as plenty of glitter came out on the first swipe!  I have never used a Model City Polish before this and wasn't sure what to expect.  What I got was great application and smooth glitters!  Glitter spread evenly and smoothed out with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Glisten and Glow Top Coat.
 Here is my macro shot of Witch's Brew.  The glitter combination is beautiful!
 The 2nd in the Halloween Trio is The Great Pumpkin Massacre.  This one has orange and black glitter along with orange holographic glitter in a clear base.  If you buy the scented version, it will smell like pumpkin bread!  Mmmmmm.....  I layered The Great Pumpkin Massacre over Milani Rapid Orchid.
 As with all three of the polishes in the collection, The Great Pumpkin Massacre had no issues. The glitter spread well and evenly, laying flat against the nail. I have to say that I LOVED the holo orange glitters. Those make the polish SING!
 Here is a macro shot of The Great Pumpkin Massacre and the holo-ness!
 Lastly, I have  Bobbing For Apples.  This amazing glitter topper is tiny iridescent glitter, large red circles, and two sizes of red holo glitters. If you get the scented version, it will smell like...Apples!  I layered this over Elevation Polish Freeway Park.
 I used one coat of Bobbing For Apples and it spread very well and gave me no issues. All three polishes had great consistency and spread well!  I am very happy with the quality of the Model City Polishes I was able to try.   Bobbing For Apples was my favorite of the bunch and I just love it paired with an apple green!  I am also a sucker for large circle glitters, so this polish is a must have!  An added bonus was that large circles came out plentifully and on each nail. I did not fish for any of them and you can see that there was more than one on each nail. 
 Macro shot of the delicious Bobbing For Apples
Model City Polish retails for $8-$9 each.  The Halloween Collection makes its debut August 31 at 12 noon CDT!  
Buy them in her Etsy shop!
Read her blog for updates!
More media outlets for Model City Polish:
Facebook: Model City Polish
Instagram: (at) ModelCityPolish
Twitter: Model City Polish
Pinterest: Model City Polish

Monday, August 26, 2013

KB Shimmer Polishes-Swatches and Review!

In the midst of the anticipation of KB Shimmer's Fall Collection, don't forget some of her older polishes! 
Today, I have four older polishes to show you!  You may want to pick these up when you pick up the Fall Collection on Sept 1. 
Totally Tubular- An aqua crelly base with fuchsia, blue, and aqua glitters in varying sizes. 
Bonus: large fuchsia circle glitters!
I used two easy, flawless coats. The glitter came out and spread evenly. I am very impressed by how well the glitters show through the bright, crelly base!
This one won my heart.  Here is a macro shot!  I love the circles!
The Dancing Green- This is a  bright grass green crelly with blue, green, fuchsia, and gold glitters in varying sizes.
Bonus: Gold circles and blue squares!
I used three thin coats and had no issues with it.  It had smooth application and the glitter spread out evenly.
I love how the micro gold glitters almost look like a shimmer and liven this polish up!
Iris My Case: A lavender crelly with a mix of pastel colored glitters.
I used 2-3 coats for Iris My Case.  It went on flawlessly and again, KB Shimmer really knows how to make the glitters shine through the crelly bases!  Kudos on this!
Macro shot.  You can see the different colors of glitter here. I love the combination of colors!
Ice Queen over Turbulence (Turbulence is part of the Fall Collection)-  Ice Queen is a mixture of every sized hex holo glitter you can imagine and some diamonds thrown in for good measure!  It is in a clear base, enabling you to wear it over anything.
I used one coat of Ice Queen over Turbulence, and it went on very easily and a lot of glitter came out. I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Glisten and Glow Top Coat to finish it off and smooth it out.
Here is a zoom in of what it looks like.  The holo is so strong, it even gives off rainbow colors in the shade!

You can buy from the KB Shimmer website at or from for international orders.
Polishes retail for $8.75 or $9 respectively.
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Elevation Polish Spam Post-11 Polishes!

I have been swatching a lot of polish and posting on IG, but not really blogging about it. So, I was going to do a polish spam post, and then I realized as I looked through the pictures, that I had a TON of swatch photos of +Elevation Polish  ALONE!  OMG. So I am giving you a massive Elevation Polish swatch post tonight!  None of the following polishes have been blogged about, but all of them have been seen on my Instagram. 
I won't be wordy tonight, just picture heavy. :)  
Denali:  a purple with blue duo chrome. 
Denali macro!
Mt. Cangyan:  I have seen fantastic swatch photos of this polish, but for some reason, I couldn't pull the complexity of this polish into the photos.  It is a stunner!  Purple with red and gold shimmer.

Macro of Mt. Cangyan.
Pic Du Gar: This goes into my MUST-HAVE stash!  A berry colored jelly that was opaque in two coats and defies pictures. In each picture, the color came out different.  One of my favorites!

Jengish Chokusu: How does one describe this color?!  A Tiffany blue with green leanings?  It is a cream and took two coats. 
Guangshan:  A yellow and holo glitter in a clearish base.  The base has a ton of shimmer. I used this over one of three blues I have in this shade-Dior Electric Blue, Indigo Bananas Klein Trink Wasser or Sinful Shine Most Sinful.
Base Camp SBP with Jengish Chokusu and Haba Xueshan:  Base Camp was a Small Batch Prototype and is a grey jelly. It is thin and takes at least three coats.  Haba Xueshan is a black and white and mint glitter in a clear base.

 Macro shot!
 If you're into reds, this is a must have... Toubkal is a favorite among many bloggers.  I can see why. A burgundy jelly with gold glitter, it is a breeze to put on and good in two coats.
 Now discontinued, Ubsunur, is a blue with blackened edges that is opaque in two coats.
I have been eyeballing Owen since I first heard of Elevation Polish.  It took a backseat for a long time in favor of newer and crazier polishes.  Once I put it on, I was floored by the beauty of it and amazed that I had waited so long.
 Nail Art with three of EP's scattered holos: Echinops, I Got the Axe, and Dykh-Tau.

 Rapa Nui might get overlooked, but it has a pretty subtle pink shimmer in its blue/green base.
 That's it for Elevation Polish swatch spam!  The great thing about Elevation Polish is she has something for everyone.  From shimmer to holo, glitter to duo chrome, it's all there in her shop.
You can buy Elevation Polish at
Most of her polishes retail for $8-$10. She restocks on the 7th and 22nd of each month.
You can also visit her blog for updates at I Love Brown Nail Polish.
Elevation Polish is also available at Llarowe.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

KB Shimmer Partial Fall Collection!

     I'm not gonna lie.  I am so flipping excited to be able to show you four polishes from the new Fall Collection from KB Shimmer!  I have been a fan of KB Shimmer since I bought my first polishes from her in Oct 2011-one month after I started blogging. I feel like this brings my fan-girl moment full-circle.
     On to the collection!  There are seven polishes in the Fall Collection which are set to release Sept 1, 2013.  Here is a bottle shot of the four I will be reviewing:
L-R: Vicious Circles, You Go Ghoul!, Excuse Me, I Blurpled, Turbulence
Vicious Circles-A blood red jelly loaded with silver holographic circles in two sizes, silver holographic hex glitters and holographic silver micro slices.  This jelly polish works best in three thin coats, but those with shorter nails might get away with two.  
I found KB Shimmer's description to be pretty accurate, except I used two thicker coats. That's just how I do my nails and what works for me.  The glitter flowed out smoothly and the jelly base was opaque in two coats.  The glitter laid flat and spread out evenly on the nail.
I am not a red polish person, and I can say that Vicious Circles is in my stash to stay!  I love the vividness of the red jelly and I also love the holo glitter in it. I could not stop staring at my nail all day!
Here are a couple of close-ups of Vicious Circles. I loved it so much, I am wearing it on my toes!
I did use one coat of Gelous and a coat of Glisten and Glow Top coat to smooth it out.
You Go Ghoul!- This Halloween polish is one that you will wear year round.  A Black jelly sparkles with glitter in grape, berry and orange for a polish even a witch could love.  Best in two coats over black or three coats alone.
The description is spot on.  I used three coats on its own and it built up easily.  This one is chock full of glitter! I thought I might have too much glitter coming out, but it spread so well and laid flat so it wasn't an issue at all.  The glitter in the layers gave it great depth.
I love the flashes of orange and grape in this polish!  While it is a Halloween polish, it is subtle and can easily be worn at any time!
Once again, I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Glisten and Glow Top Coat.
Here are a couple of macro shots.  Check out the amazing colors!
In this macro, you can see what might have escaped you in the other pictures-very fine hairy glitter!  It is so small and fine, you don't even realize it is on your brush!  I love the way it looks!
Excuse me, I Blurpled- A shade not quite blue, not quite purple shade with glitters in many shades of blue, purple, with a hint of copper.  Best in two coats.
First of all...THE NAME!!!  The name is awesome!  Secondly, I love anything blurple.  I knew immediately upon seeing this that I would love it.  I was right.
I used two coats and this polish had flawless application.  When I call a polish flawless, I mean it goes above and beyond what you expect.  This was so smooth and easy.
To me, there is nothing like a fuchsia glitter in a blurple base to get me going!  What surprised me were the copper glitters!  They give an unexpected twist to this polish.
Here are a couple of macro shots to show you the details in the polish.
I love this one and highly recommend it!
My last polish to show you is Turbulence.  Here is the description given by KB Shimmer:
Turbulence- A satin matte finish slate grey polish inspired by storm clouds.  Silver flakes are surrounded by micro blue and fuchsia sparks inspired by lightning and rain.  Best in two coats.
All I can say about that description is, "Yes, please!"  I love gray polishes and the reason is because of rain and thunder and lightning!  So I find it ironic and awesome to be reviewing a polish that is actually inspired by the very things that make me love gray!  Turbulence was 2-3 coats and easy to put on.  I love that it dries matte!  It looks amazing matted or top coated.
The silver, blue and fuchsia really come alive when top coat is applied; but I love that it is not lost in its matte form.
Here are two macro shots...
Look at this!

I loved all four that I reviewed.  I also plan on picking up Teal Another Tail, and Every Nook and Cranberry!
Additional colors in the collection:
Teal Another Tail-A dusty green polish with a strong pink almost duo-chrome shimmer...
You Autumn Know-A white crelly polish loaded with fuchsia, gold, and orange glitters. Micro bars accent the all palette of this polish....
Every Nook and Cranberry-A cranberry satin matte polish with a subtle pink and gold shimmer. This polish with its blue undertones is one that will work on many skin tones...

KB Shimmer Fall Collection is set to launch Sept 1, 2013.
You can buy from her website at or from for international orders.
Polishes retail for $8.75 or $9 respectively.
LIKE KB Shimmer on Facebook!
Follow KB Shimmer on Instagram (at)KBShimmer.