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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oopsie Daisies LE Date Night Duo!



Can you believe Valentine's Day is just around the corner?  I swear, we just celebrated Christmas!  Tonight, I have a beautiful Limited Edition Duo to show you just in time for Valentine's Day.  This duo combines a bright fuchsia shimmer polish with a heart glitter topper!  
I have been wearing Oopsie Daisies polishes since August, 2012 and I am a loyal fan. Cathryn makes amazing jelly glitter polishes and is especially talented at the more girly and soft color combos.  She is definitely in my top ten indie brands. 

Here is a bottle shot of the Date Night Duo.  
Secret Admirer is a radiant orchid kind of color. It is in the shade range that is my very favorite-berry pinks!  There is a stunning array of silver, red and gold micro shimmer in it.  
I used two coats and application was flawless.  This is a must have for me!
The other side of the duo is Love Notes.  Love Notes is a clear based glitter topper with satin pink and white shaped heart glitter and matte pink, white and yellow hexes in various sizes. 
I used two coats.  The hearts came out well, but I did fish a bit for a couple extra for the rest of my nails.  I used a top coat of Seche Vite to cover.
Here is a macro shot of both polishes.  Does this not scream romantic???
For those of you who are anti-Valentine's Day, you can layer Love Notes over black!  
I personally like a bit of edge to my nails and this is the perfect look for me.  
Parting Thoughts: I saw Secret Admirer in my news feed and I bought it immediately. Cathryn was kind enough to include Love Notes for review and I am so glad she did!  I don't often keep glitter polishes around, but this one is a keeper!  I love both polishes and can't wait to see what else she comes up with this year!  Click HERE to see my past reviews of Oopsie Daisies polishes.

Price: $9 each
(A few are on sale)


Instagram- @Oopsiedaisiesnailpolish

*One of these polishes was provided for review. The other I bought myself. All opinions are my own*

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Milestones Giveaway!

Hello!  During #sharethelove I passed a few milestones on a few different media outlets.   
  • On Facebook, my page reached over 5,000 likes.
  • On Pinterest, I reached 1,700 followers. 
  • On Instagram, I reached over 600. 
  • On Bloglovin, I am thiiissss close to 1,000!  

I am truly humbled by all the love!  I started this blog with the intention of sharing my sad little nails with any family members whom I could force to read my blog. I remember vividly being at 23 followers and it being ALL family and friends.  I also remember being at 80 for a long, long time and being thrilled that more than just my family was reading!  
I never dreamed I would have 5,000 followers and I can't tell you how grateful I am for you. I would never have stuck it out this long if there hadn't been a supportive nail community there for me every step of the way.

So as a thank you, I want to hold a giveaway.  I have decided to give away four grab bags that have 3 full sized indie polishes and one mainstream.  (I HAVE swatched all of these one time on one hand. If that bothers you, please do not enter.) All bottles are like new. Brands that are in the bags: Girly Bits, Maya Cosmetics, Indigo Bananas, Mod Lacquer, KB Shimmer and more... 

The Rules
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter, or have a parent or guardian's permission.
  • Contest entries WILL BE verified. 
  • Winners will be announced on the Things I Love at the Moment Facebook Page, this blog post, and contacted via email only if email is provided. Make sure you turn Things I Love at the Moment on in your news feed. 
  • Winners will have 48 hours to claim prize. If winner does not claim prize in 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.
  • Giveaway is open internationally, except Italy. 
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Monday, January 20, 2014

MIlani High Speed Fast Dry Collection-New for 2014!!



Are you liking the new Milani Collections so far?  This season, there are 25 new polishes-seven glitters, two shimmers, and the rest are creams. Since there are so many to review, I have decided to divide them up into three groups.   I showed you the Nail Lacquer Collection, I showed you the Gold Label Polish Collection.  Tonight, I will show you the my personal favorite collection which is MIlani's High Speed, Fast Dry Collection.

Here is what Milani says about these lacquers:
  • Dries in 60 seconds
  • Flat brush for fast and flawless application
  • DBP, Toluence, Formaldehyde free
  • Made in USA
I had to draw in my breathe when I saw these three beauties!  I love bright vivid colors, and Milani really delivered that!  The flat brush in the Milani's is what sets them apart from many brands. It really helps make my manicures look professional! 
I decided to do some nail art.  ON this first manicure, I did a water marble (somewhat of a fail) and a gradiented chevron stamp.

On this hand, I used a base coat of Aqua Brisk and stamped over it with a gradient of the other two colors. I used one of the new Vivid Lacquer stamping plates.
On to the swatches!  Aqua Brisk is a turquoise cream.  I used two coats and had no issues at all.
Sangria Rush is a deep wine cream.  I used 1-2 coats and it was flawless.  I wished it was a tad lighter and more fuchsia, but that is just my own personal opinion. It is still AMAZING!
It looks like you could just jump into a pool of it!
The last one is Blue Zoom.  This is an electric blue cream and I used 1-2 coats. 
This happens to be a color I can't say no to.  I have this color in several brands and I would happily buy more! Application was flawless.
Parting Thoughts:  The High Speed Fast Dry are my favorite in MIlani Polish.  They do dry incredibly fast, the brush is amazing, and they dry to a nice glossy finish.  If you want to do any nail art, you need to work fast as they DO dry quickly.  

Price: $4.69 each (pricing varies from store to store)

Instagram @milaniCosmetics
Twitter- @milaniCosmetics

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*

SoFlaJo Partial Just Love Her Collection


~SoFlaJo Just Love Her Partial Collection~

SoFlaJo has come out with a great Valentine's Day collection.  Tonight, I have two of those to show you!  
Pink If You Love Me is a soft pink holo with a small amount of glitter in it. The holo is scattered and the perfect amount to show off this pink shade. 
I used three coats for opacity, but you could possibly get away with two. I had no issues and application was great. For fun, I thought I would stamp with another SoFlaJo polish-Moonlight Bay from the Life's a Beach Collection and a Vivid Lacquer stamp. VL #008. (Here is my review from a year and a half ago.)
In this picture, you can see the soft holo glow in the polish.
Teal Me a Bedtime Story is a teal shimmery base with moons and stars and small hex glitters in it.  I did not think it would be opaque on its own, but I was wrong! It was opaque in three coats. 
I had some issues getting the larger stars and moons out of the bottle and went fishing for them.  I also didn't get as many hexes as I would have liked on my brush, but found them when I fished. 
I used a coat of Seche Vite to top it off and it smoothed it right out.
The missing shade is Goldstone. It is very LE.  You can find that shade on Ashley is Polish Addicted.
Parting Thoughts: I love Pink If You Love Me. The soft holo and soft pink are just the epitome of romantic.  

Price:  $10


Instagram @SoFlaJo
Twitter  @SoFlaJo
Visit SoFlaJo on Pinterest!
*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*

Monday, January 13, 2014

Milani Gold Label Collection of 2014!



Are you liking the new Milani Collections so far?  This season, there are 25 new polishes-seven glitters, two shimmers, and the rest are creams. Since there are so many to review, I have decided to divide them up into groups.  Yesterday, I showed you the Nail Lacquer Collection. Today, I will show you the Gold Label Polish Collection.  There are six creams and six glitters.

Here is what Milani says about these lacquers:
  • Textures embellished with bold shimmers
  • On-trend and classic bright creams
  • DBP, Toluence, Formaldehyde free
  • Made in USA
I found this collection to be an interesting mix of color and glitters.  All the creams were 2 coats and had no issues unless otherwise specified.  The flat brush in the Milani's is what sets them apart from many brands. It really helps make my manicures look professional! 
Showy Sea-Green is a bright pistacchio green.  
 Popping Pink was a bit streaky, but smoothed out after two coats.  It dries quicker than the rest. 
 Splendid Strawberry is a gorgeous coral leaning pink.  It had minor streaking but evened out on the second coat.
 Power Periwinkle made my jaw drop.  Flawless application.
 Vivid Violet was streaky but evened out. I used three coats, but you could probably do with two.
 Colorful Coral lives up to its name!  I LOVE this coral. Flawless application.
 The Sugar Glitters!  These were all one coat and went on easily and coated the nail evenly unless otherwise specified.
Sugar Coated has small lime green glitters with holo glitters and very tiny hairy glitters. I applied it over Showy Sea-Green.
 Sugar Burst resembles Sugar Coated except in pink!  It has small pink glitter, with larger (but still small white hex glitters,) pink holo glitter and tiny pink hairy glitter. I applied it over Popping Pink.
 Sugar Cane is a purple hairy glitter.  It also has medium white hexes and some pink and purple small hexes.  I wore it over Splendid Strawberry
 Sugar High had more earthy toned matted hex glitters-all the same size.  I layered it over Power Perinwinkle
 Sugar Rush was my only problem glitter. I use two coats and the glitter to base ratio was off. I had too much base and not enough glitter. The glitter did not come out evenly on the nail and left a lot of bare spots. If you do two or more coats, you can make it look more even.  I layered it over Vivid Violet
 Sugar Rim was my glitter favorite!  It is a mixture of matte hex glitters in blue, brown and tan.  The glitter comes out plentifully and what you see is one coat!  I layered it over Colorful Coral
Parting Thoughts:  I love the bright creams!  There wasn't one in the bunch I didn't love. While I am not a glitter person, I know that people will love these!  I think it is awesome that a mainstream brand like Milani is in touch with what the nail polish community wants and is binging it to the best of their abilities! 

Price: $4.69 each (pricing varies from store to store)

Instagram @milaniCosmetics
Twitter- @milaniCosmetics

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own.*

Sunday, January 12, 2014

MIlani Nail Lacquer Collection for 2014! Part 1



It's that time of the season again!  The time when Milani comes out with their new makeup and nail polish for the year!  This season, there are 25 new polishes-seven are glitters, two are shimmers, and the rest are creams. Since there are so many to review, I am going to divide them up into groups.  Today, I will show you the polishes that have the plastic soft gold colored bottle top. These are called the Milani Nail Lacquers. 

Here is what Milani says about these lacquers:
  • Professional, long-wearing, chip-resistant formula
  • Super glossy finish
  • From trendsetting fashionable runway shades to traditional best sellers
  • DBP, Toluence, Formaldehyde free
  • Made in USA
I found this collection to be more spring and neutral toned.  The surprise here are the shimmers and the glitter polish. Before I show you swatches, I want to show you the great versatility of the Milani polishes.  I decided to do a watermarble with all of the creams. (At the end, I will show you a gradient.)

White is a white cream polish. I used two coats and had some minor streaking. I think three coats would erase the streaking.

Vanilla Almond is a nude beige.  It looks like it could be my perfect mannequin hand polish!  There is no sign of peach undertones at all. Pure taupe goodness right here. I used two easy coats and no top coat.
Peach Innocence is a muted peach cream.  I used two easy coats and no top coat.
Canyon Country is an almost a muted burnt orange cream. It leans brown.  I used two easy coats and no top coat.  This reminds me of Sedona sunsets.
Here is one of the shimmers!  Iced Mango is a very opaque orange-brown with silver shimmer.  One brush load covered four nails and you can almost get away with one coat.  Almost.
Cupid's Touch is a grey-toned pink. I LOVE THIS ONE.  It was two easy coats. 
Heather is a smokey purple cream.  I used two easy coats and no top coat.
Mauve Medley is a brick red cream with brown undertones.  I used two coats.  While I am not a mauve fan, this was a nice rendition of it.
Another shimmer!  Mulberry Sugar is dead on with the name. It is a rich brown with brown shimmer.  I think I almost licked it off my fingers.  Like almost all the others, this was 2 easy coats.
Glitter, glitter, glitter... Milani has knocked it out of the park with this polish, aptly named Golden Romance.  Golden Romance has gold shimmer, gold glitter and rose glitter in a clear base. This is opaque enough to wear on its own!  I think you can use two coats; but because cameras are  unforgiving, I chose to put on three coats to be safe.  I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite Top Coat.  This is PERFECT for Valentine's Day! 
Here is a close-up macro shot of Golden Romance!
Thank you all for reading this far!  One thing I LOVE about MIlani is that they are my go-to brand for any type of nail art.  From water-marbling to gradients to stamping to dots, I find them to be perfect for all applications!  I used Cupid's Touch, Heather and Mauve Medley for my gradient.
Even my dog, Sierra, approves of Milani.
Parting Thoughts: While neutrals aren't my favorite color palette, these won me over. Aside from the white, all had fantastic application. Kudos to Milani for paying attention to what people want and creating two amazing shimmers and an eye-catching glitter for the masses!  My favorites are Golden Romance, Heather, Cupid's Touch and Iced Mango!

Price: $4.99 each (pricing varies from store to store)

Instagram @milaniCosmetics
Twitter- @milaniCosmetics

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own (and Sierra's.)*

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Darling Diva Swatch and Review



Darling Diva has been around awhile, but this is my first time reviewing her polish. I am excited to show you the polish and get your thoughts about them!  Tonight, I have two of her glitter topcoats and one from the Muscle Car Diva Collection.

Happy Wife, Happy Life is a glitter top coat full of green to purple color shifting glitters.  It has a clear base. 
I wore Happy Wife, Happy Life over black.  I only needed one coat, but I used two to see if it would give more color shift.  It did. :)
I had no issues with it and it went on smoothly and evenly.  I used a coat of top coat to finish it off.  I love the color shifts-purple to green to blue to gold. YUMM.

Tease is another multichrome glitter topper. This one shifts blue to red. I layered it over black in the first photos.
For some reason, I had a hard time capturing this one.  You can still see the blue to red shift though!

My favorite way to capture these polishes is over black. I think it's for good reason. It shows off the polish the best.  I did want to show it to you over something else though!  Here is Tease over Sinful Colors Mesmerize.
Next up is Chevelle from the Muscle Car Diva Collection.  It is a teal holo glitter that can be opaque in 2-3 coats or can be a glitter topper. I chose to use it as a topper over two colors.
First, I topped it over Colors by Llarowe Dirty Diana.  I love the two colors together! 
I then topped it over Milani High Speed Fast Dry Quick Teal.  I only used one coat on both swatches.  It came out plentifully and went on evenly. 
I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Maya Top Coat. 
Macro shot! 
Parting Thoughts: Darling Diva is new to me, but has been around quite awhile.  I found all three polishes to be of good quality and had no issues. While I am not a huge fan of toppers, I love multichromes and these were beautiful. My favorite was Chevelle, even though my first car was a Mustang. ;)

Price: $8-$12


Instagram: @DarlingDivaPolish

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*