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Monday, January 13, 2014

Milani Gold Label Collection of 2014!



Are you liking the new Milani Collections so far?  This season, there are 25 new polishes-seven glitters, two shimmers, and the rest are creams. Since there are so many to review, I have decided to divide them up into groups.  Yesterday, I showed you the Nail Lacquer Collection. Today, I will show you the Gold Label Polish Collection.  There are six creams and six glitters.

Here is what Milani says about these lacquers:
  • Textures embellished with bold shimmers
  • On-trend and classic bright creams
  • DBP, Toluence, Formaldehyde free
  • Made in USA
I found this collection to be an interesting mix of color and glitters.  All the creams were 2 coats and had no issues unless otherwise specified.  The flat brush in the Milani's is what sets them apart from many brands. It really helps make my manicures look professional! 
Showy Sea-Green is a bright pistacchio green.  
 Popping Pink was a bit streaky, but smoothed out after two coats.  It dries quicker than the rest. 
 Splendid Strawberry is a gorgeous coral leaning pink.  It had minor streaking but evened out on the second coat.
 Power Periwinkle made my jaw drop.  Flawless application.
 Vivid Violet was streaky but evened out. I used three coats, but you could probably do with two.
 Colorful Coral lives up to its name!  I LOVE this coral. Flawless application.
 The Sugar Glitters!  These were all one coat and went on easily and coated the nail evenly unless otherwise specified.
Sugar Coated has small lime green glitters with holo glitters and very tiny hairy glitters. I applied it over Showy Sea-Green.
 Sugar Burst resembles Sugar Coated except in pink!  It has small pink glitter, with larger (but still small white hex glitters,) pink holo glitter and tiny pink hairy glitter. I applied it over Popping Pink.
 Sugar Cane is a purple hairy glitter.  It also has medium white hexes and some pink and purple small hexes.  I wore it over Splendid Strawberry
 Sugar High had more earthy toned matted hex glitters-all the same size.  I layered it over Power Perinwinkle
 Sugar Rush was my only problem glitter. I use two coats and the glitter to base ratio was off. I had too much base and not enough glitter. The glitter did not come out evenly on the nail and left a lot of bare spots. If you do two or more coats, you can make it look more even.  I layered it over Vivid Violet
 Sugar Rim was my glitter favorite!  It is a mixture of matte hex glitters in blue, brown and tan.  The glitter comes out plentifully and what you see is one coat!  I layered it over Colorful Coral
Parting Thoughts:  I love the bright creams!  There wasn't one in the bunch I didn't love. While I am not a glitter person, I know that people will love these!  I think it is awesome that a mainstream brand like Milani is in touch with what the nail polish community wants and is binging it to the best of their abilities! 

Price: $4.69 each (pricing varies from store to store)

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Twitter- @milaniCosmetics

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own.*


Jennifer Tesauro said...

I like Sugar Rush the best...too bad about the base/glitter ratio.

Kelly Ruiz said...

I love these and can't wait to try them!

Katie Eakins said...

Sugar Burst and Sugar Coated are amazing! I hope I can find these!

Taneja's Bride said...

OMG these are all so beautiful! <3

Becca @ Franken Femme said...

Do you know if these are already available? Love them! said...

cool colors :)


lacquerfiend said...

Thanks for the swatches! I didn't think much of the Sugar Glitters until I saw your post, and now I want to collect them.

Emily Draher said...

GORGEOUS swatches!