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Sunday, January 12, 2014

MIlani Nail Lacquer Collection for 2014! Part 1



It's that time of the season again!  The time when Milani comes out with their new makeup and nail polish for the year!  This season, there are 25 new polishes-seven are glitters, two are shimmers, and the rest are creams. Since there are so many to review, I am going to divide them up into groups.  Today, I will show you the polishes that have the plastic soft gold colored bottle top. These are called the Milani Nail Lacquers. 

Here is what Milani says about these lacquers:
  • Professional, long-wearing, chip-resistant formula
  • Super glossy finish
  • From trendsetting fashionable runway shades to traditional best sellers
  • DBP, Toluence, Formaldehyde free
  • Made in USA
I found this collection to be more spring and neutral toned.  The surprise here are the shimmers and the glitter polish. Before I show you swatches, I want to show you the great versatility of the Milani polishes.  I decided to do a watermarble with all of the creams. (At the end, I will show you a gradient.)

White is a white cream polish. I used two coats and had some minor streaking. I think three coats would erase the streaking.

Vanilla Almond is a nude beige.  It looks like it could be my perfect mannequin hand polish!  There is no sign of peach undertones at all. Pure taupe goodness right here. I used two easy coats and no top coat.
Peach Innocence is a muted peach cream.  I used two easy coats and no top coat.
Canyon Country is an almost a muted burnt orange cream. It leans brown.  I used two easy coats and no top coat.  This reminds me of Sedona sunsets.
Here is one of the shimmers!  Iced Mango is a very opaque orange-brown with silver shimmer.  One brush load covered four nails and you can almost get away with one coat.  Almost.
Cupid's Touch is a grey-toned pink. I LOVE THIS ONE.  It was two easy coats. 
Heather is a smokey purple cream.  I used two easy coats and no top coat.
Mauve Medley is a brick red cream with brown undertones.  I used two coats.  While I am not a mauve fan, this was a nice rendition of it.
Another shimmer!  Mulberry Sugar is dead on with the name. It is a rich brown with brown shimmer.  I think I almost licked it off my fingers.  Like almost all the others, this was 2 easy coats.
Glitter, glitter, glitter... Milani has knocked it out of the park with this polish, aptly named Golden Romance.  Golden Romance has gold shimmer, gold glitter and rose glitter in a clear base. This is opaque enough to wear on its own!  I think you can use two coats; but because cameras are  unforgiving, I chose to put on three coats to be safe.  I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite Top Coat.  This is PERFECT for Valentine's Day! 
Here is a close-up macro shot of Golden Romance!
Thank you all for reading this far!  One thing I LOVE about MIlani is that they are my go-to brand for any type of nail art.  From water-marbling to gradients to stamping to dots, I find them to be perfect for all applications!  I used Cupid's Touch, Heather and Mauve Medley for my gradient.
Even my dog, Sierra, approves of Milani.
Parting Thoughts: While neutrals aren't my favorite color palette, these won me over. Aside from the white, all had fantastic application. Kudos to Milani for paying attention to what people want and creating two amazing shimmers and an eye-catching glitter for the masses!  My favorites are Golden Romance, Heather, Cupid's Touch and Iced Mango!

Price: $4.99 each (pricing varies from store to store)

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Twitter- @milaniCosmetics

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own (and Sierra's.)*


Kelly Ruiz said...

Love these. And that watermarble is gorgeous!

loveforlacquer said...

Mulberry Sugar is amazing! Love the water marble!

Christina from Adventures in Polishland said...

These are all so beautiful!! Loving the water marble!

Taneja's Bride said...

HOLY MOLY! I am in LOVE with Peach Innocence, Canyon Country (it totally reminded me of Sedona, too!! That place is gorgeous and Mars on Earth! <3), and WHOA to Golden Romance (totally need that one!) - great swatches - can't wait to see more!! <3

Emily Draher said...

BEAUTIFUL swatches! And I'm glad Sierra got to get in on the fun!! :D

Jennifer Tesauro said...

Oh those 2 shimmers are gorgeous!

Crystal Lute said...

Sierra is a cutie!! Love these swatches! Lots on my list now ;-)

Girly Bits said...

Looove the colours choices in the watermarble!!