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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Colors by Llarowe-Dirty Diana, Gizzards and Lizards, In The Navy

~Colors by Llarowe~
I jumped on the CbL bandwagon a little late, I must admit.  I did not want to like a new brand and spend more money.  But when CbL released the Michael Jackson Collection, I could not ignore that.  I love Michael Jackson and wanted to get a few holos in his name.  I had no idea if CbL would be quality-if it would have consistency-and so I only bought one-Thriller.  It is one of the least holo in the collection and I fell in love.  Suddenly, I wanted more.  Every one I have tried has been excellent in quality and I am now an avid collector. Here are a few that have thrown me for a loop...

Dirty Diana is a jaw dropper.  I used two  easy coats.  
It is a magenta linear holo and is very opaque.  Although I used two coats, it was almost one.  This is what I love about the CbL's-the opacity.  I hate having to put on three or more coats for a holo. I only tolerate that with a jelly polish.
Dirty Diana is a ridiculously gorgeous polish.
Gizzards and Lizards is a deep green linear holo.  Application was the same as it was for Dirty Diana.  Easy peasy.
The brush also made it easy to get an even line around my cuticle.
In the Navy was a must have for me once I saw Pointless Cafe's swatches.  Now even though I was a Marine and not a sailor, I still love it. :p

Again I used two coats, but one would have been almost enough.  The opacity is amazing and the linear holo is intense! 
Parting Thoughts:  As stubborn as I tried to be, I am now hooked.  Beyond the beauty of the polishes is something more important to me-consistency.  Each polish has the same level of application which helps me to know that I will always get quality product when I buy.

Price: $10-$14 each.  Jellies are $6


Instagram- @colorsbyllarowe

*These products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own*


Arathael said...

I have all of these and many more, totally agree, love'em!

Kimberley said...

These are so pretty!

Jennifer Tesauro said...

Those are beautiful on you! Dirty Diana is one of my favorites! I don't think my In The Navy was so holo though.